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Danny McMillan

International Public Speaker & Private Label Seller

Danny is a survivor of the former music industry, serial start up entrepreneur & now an Amazon Seller. Danny has been guest speaker at The Smart China Sourcing Summit in Hong Kong, The European Private Label Summit, The Private Label World Summit & The Great Escape (Europe’s largest Music Industry convention). He regularly speaks on all subjects relating to on-line selling and has appeared on numerous podcasts along with contributing to industry bible

Richard Morgan

FBA Seller & Partner

Richard started on Amazon in 2015 and after his first launch he travelled to Hong Kong to build his product portfolio. He has been co-organiser of the UK sellers meetup and when not on Amazon, runs his own off-line business. He has appeared alongside some of the biggest names in Amazon FBA delivering webinars and now anchor’s down Seller Sessions alongside Danny.

Seller Sessions

The Weekly Show for Advanced Amazon Sellers

Seller Sessions started out as a webinar back in January 2017. We went live every other Wednesday bringing in world famous guests such as Brian Johnson, Kevin King, Chad Rubin and Will Tjernlund to name a few… We believe in innovating and decided to develop the format to broadcast three times a week across the globe on multiple platforms – Offering breaking news and advanced techniques for the large Amazon FBA community around the world.

We understand that our audience want their information fast, delivered in a tight-concise way without all the pitching and hoops to jump through. So that’s how we deliver – no nonsense and a BS-free zone.

The Extended Family


To make sure we get the very latest news, views, insights and techniques we have brought in our good friends Anthony Lee, Sean Smith and Taylor Benterud to cover their key areas of expertise for us. The guys have regular slots on Seller Sessions to keep us upto date with latest and greatest in PPC, Launch Techniques, Advertising/Marketing, Ranking and Amazon shenanigans.

Sean Smith

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Sean focuses on PPC on Amazon. There is little that Sean doesn’t know on the subject of Sponsored Ads. He constantly pushes himself to learn and is vigorous in testing with loads of data on his own and client accounts. He runs the optimisation agency Jungle Hustle and manages accounts in all different categories on Amazon, giving a broad scope of knowledge in multiple verticals. Sean is a regular contributor to various summits and is frequently engaged in public speaking.

Anthony Lee

A9 and Ranking on Amazon

Anthony Lee needs little introduction, he is the COO of ZonBlast, a published author of three books (two related to Amazon), a public speaker and is highly respected in the FBA community. Anthony is constantly conducting 100’s of tests and often sets the way for others to follow in ranking on Amazon. Whilst no one outside of Amazon knows the inner workings; his knowledge of the A9 algorithm is incredible and he like the rest of the team bring lots of value to the show.

Taylor Benterud

AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

Taylor is the youngest member of the team and has incredible knowledge of AMS. His agency Better AMS is the market leader and his peers look to him for advice and the latest tactics. He also has his proprietary reporting software to ensure his clients have the best knowledge on hand for optimising their campaigns. Taylor not only covers AMS for us but the little known AAP (Amazon Advertising Platform).

Disruptive dialogue

Disrupting the FBA approach to cookie-cutter selling, be it on Amazon or elsewhere. We bring everything we know to share and what we don’t know we will know soon. You don’t just get us but our friends from around the World, which are some of the biggest names in the world of FBA.

Paying it forward

We believe in “paying it forward” and helping others. It’s very rewarding to see people succeed and avoid pitfalls. Where we have focused on giving back; it has been a tremendous help to our Amazon businesses and we’ve built a wonderful network of friends across the globe.


Focusing on the right things…

We are not ‘Gurus’ and we have no courses to sell. We run our own Amazon brands selling products. We enjoy helping people via our weekly shows and public speaking engagements. We apply the 80/20 rule to everything and know that focus is key as there are only so many hours in the day to do your best work.

Sharing freely

The keys to the kingdom…

This learning we share freely and openly on Seller Sessions to keep ourselves on top of our game, to connect with you and others in building and growing our businesses together. The more you “pay it forward” the more it comes back in the way of support and knowledge. You also get to meet incredible people along the way. This is the foundation to Seller Sessions and how we work with other people here in the UK and around the world..

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