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Amazon Product Failure Part 8

Bernie is an Amazon Seller and public speaker who runs a software company and engineer. With a background in operating systems and devices he shares his Amazon Product Failure with us.

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Chinese Factory Nightmares Part 1

Gary Huang comes back to join the series. Gary is based in Shanghai China since 2008 and is sharing a chinese factory nightmare situation, what went wrong and how he addressed it.

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Amazon Product Failure Part 7

Chris Davy – lived in China for last 6 years was working as a Sourcing Manager for a large company and now full time Amazon seller shares his Amazon product failure…

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When Amazon Giveaways Fail

Paul Harvey joins to talk through when Amazon Giveaways Fail and what you can do about it. Danny speaks of not being able to polish a turd – if the product is poor then no number of giveaways will make it stick…

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Amazon Product Failure Part 6

Gary Huang joins us from to talk through his amazon product failure, the impact and how he went about fixing it and preventing the mistakes happening again. The product was a posture corrector brace…

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