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Amazon Black Friday Checklist Part 2

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Liran and Danny continue their breakdown of the Amazon Cyber Monday and Black Friday checklist covering coupons, metrics, promotions, listing improvements to get more sales for the weekend period

  • Amazon may not let you use some words in your listing – Black Friday may be banned but ‘B.lack’ with a period might work
  • You might want to turn off your lightning deal and be sure to monitor your inventory and manage the social proof so it looks like 70-80% sold to drive sales
  • Confirm the life-cycle of your promotions on your listings, check the end dates on your promos
  • Keep an eye on your competitor’s pricing (JungleScout, Helium10, Viralaunch) and be competitive

Run down on the black friday checklist of everything you need to do in preparation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


  • Make sure all Coupons are set up correctly (3 days in advance) and that they don’t run out over that weekend and Cyber Monday
  • Add an image with the coupon code to your listing and bullets to improve your promotion and get more sales
  • The Lighting Deals will be in place by now but still do your checks to make sure you have everything buttoned down
  • Check the life cycle of promotions on the listing


  • Review your competitors pricing and pricing on main keywords (to see how you size up)
  • If you are using promo badges or Amazon logos you may want to have a rethink here
  • The Competition may try to report you and take you out on the day so beware


  • Clear up any negative feedback with the auto tool
  • Check any issues with defects, late shipments or product issues and listing violations
  • Check all your most recent reviews for 1,2 and 3 star reviews


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