Amazon Blocks Customer Data Access To Third Party Software Companies

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Coming from a Data Driven approach Yev joins to talk through the implications of Amazon’s recent moves in blocking customer data access to data for 3rd parties including software. What is the driver behind Amazon’s interventions and what does the future hold for Sellers.

  • Coming from a data driven approach
  • Facebook and Amazon integration

Amazon Blocking Access

  • Amazon blocks customer data access for 3rd Party Software companies
  • There is different customer information – like name and address which is most pertinent
  • This has been happening over several months where Amazon has become more restrictive
  • Different levels where they are trying to give access to certain types of data and figuring out what you’re using it for
  • Software is stopping working as restrictions apply
  • There was email communication before these restrictions kicked in

Developer Impacts

  • Impact to developers
  • Questions on technical data processing, encryption, etc
  • Is it on a virtual cloud, etc
  • All about data privacy and architecture
  • GDPR is also a potential area of impact

Facebook Advertising

  • What it means for Facebook advertising and Zontracker for tracking
  • There are many categories to consider
  • More specific for some Sellers is around Facebook lookalike and targeting to scale Amazon further

Why do this?

  • Why are Amazon doing this?
  • To block Sellers from communicating with Amazon customers?
  • To stop black hat activity?
  • Will Amazon block customer’s downloading their own data
  • Amazon is focussing Developers on ‘use only what you need’

Making life harder for Sellers

  • Scalability and harvesting of data
  • 3rd Party software and historic reporting
  • Ease of use of 3rd Party software is much more functional outside of Seller Central
  • Going to make Seller’s life harder

Where next?

  • Amazon sees the customer as their customer
  • Sellers are just users on their platform
  • Anthony Lee has posted things from SixLeaf on the impact of this as has Ivelin at OrangeHat
  • Time will tell and at some point we’ll know where we are
  • Might there be further restrictions to come on customer data access?
  • Amazon could remove access to other data and parties also

Amazon Learns and Replicates

  • Be interesting if they are doing some re-development
  • There is someone working on the overhaul of Seller Central – been on it for 2 years
  • A big roll out will be coming
  • Amazon opened up the API for customer data access
  • Got people to be creative with it
  • Amazon takes the good ideas
  • Based on their learning and usage patterns Amazon then go and open their own agencies/services

Where next?

  • Amazon are growing so much and the backend is acquiring tools and companies all the time
  • Might see something new that no-one expects around customer data access
  • New technology takes something over
  • New things are being rolled out but there is no clarity on when
  • Less control for Sellers and Software
  • Less data everywhere is the trajectory
  • Looking after the customers is the focus
  • More responsibility for data moving to the Seller to approve lots of things
  • Data privacy is a key driver around these moves


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