Amazon Network Effects

Athena Saveri talks on network effects and the power of connections. How working on a budget can still get you connected through small groups, meetups and getting out and about. The power of networking is covered.

  • Get to know the person in front of you and be genuine
  • Connect on a level where you build trust

Networking on a Budget

  • On a budget, then go and find a Meetup
  • Danny can track back to a Meetup in 2015 that started his journey to Seller Sessions
  • Athena came from a #workparty coffee time with a bunch of Amazon Sellers
  • Then it was an invite to Athena’s Home or to a restaurant
  • THis led to a full cruise for 70 people to connect people

Meet your Suppliers

  • Go and meet your suppliers
  • eMail and WeChat with China suppliers is fine, but meeting up and visiting Suppliers can lead to better terms of business
  • Chinese culture is you are either family or you are not
  • Same in other cultures where you get to a trusted relationship
  • Suppliers are looking for a partner they can build a future with and a brand
  • Innovation and special terms can be agreed
  • Visiting, spending time and sharing a meal with will build a lot of relationship and trust
  • Manufacturer relationship goes from supplier to a partner deal on a different level

Power of Networking in China

  • Athena through a lady who had a jewelry factory
  • Athena asked her if she knew anyone in the Yoga accessories market
  • She put Athena in touch with a factory that changed Athena’s Amazon business
  • This lady then met someone in the China Government who has access to a network of factories that are not on Alibaba or anywhere
  • These are off the grid factories that are game changing
  • This connection would never have happened if Athena had not met this lady, the power of network effects

Master Mind Group

  • Danny runs a Master Mind group of 22 people that is a free group
  • Super technically advanced people under one roof with no charging
  • Rule is everyone is private about what they share in the group

Entrepreneur Journey

  • Being an entrepreneur is not ‘normal’
  • The term itself defines people that take great risk
  • Having ups and down is part of the journey
  • It’s good to have a like-minded group of people that can help
  • Creating a future together to play the game well and play the game right
  • A community of people that lift each other up
  • Mindset is crucial as an entrepreneur
  • Sometimes your family doesn’t understand you, or some people can bring negative thoughts
  • Having people in your group that can lift you up is so important

Paying it Forward

  • Not easy to explain this concept to many
  • If someone doesn’t understand the term it can be because they are closed
  • The closed mindset manifests in not wanting to share in case someone gets an advantage
  • Try and be open and help people
  • Because of the favours and help offered unconditionally, when you have a problem you can reach out to people and get willing help back
  • The returns on paying it forward are massive
  • The fake peddlers of paying it forward are very transparent
  • Athena for 2-3 years put on the events for free to help people
  • You can ‘feel’ it, and that’s why Seller Sessions attracts such incredible people
  • That’s why Athena does what she does to help people
  • Athena goes about life by trusting people until they give reason not to


  • Networking can have a stigma around it
  • Oh a load of people hanging out together, I’d rather be doing work
  • It’s good to build relationships with like-minded people
  • These people are not easy to find if you spend all your time in front of your computer and don’t get out
  • Even if you’re not very chatty or an extravert, going to these meetups is a great help
  • Danny started out with little WhatsApp groups
  • Seeing the notes from people was motivational
  • Hearing the results people were having each day helped a lot


  • SOmeone does research and spend time to get there and it didn’t work out
  • They can share with others what they did in those hours and save them the effort
  • LEarning from others can save you a lot of time
  • Force yourself to go and make real connections

Male Dominated?

  • A lot more males in the groups
  • Is it a struggle from Athena’s perspective?
  • Some women just wanted to be treated based on their brains not their sex
  • Athena was one of three women out of 60 on a trip recently
  • It’s possible to be a Wife, Mother, a Woman and a Bad-ass entrepreneur
  • Athena still gets asked how her husband lets her travel so much
  • Other-side is that Athena has to remind friends that she can be domestic nad cook in the kitchen
  • Athena would love to see more women, in the last China event there was 26 out of 50 that were women
  • People should be treated with Love and Respect whether man or woman whatever their background
  • Women want to travel, be safe and get value


  • Athena is happiest when she’s brought a group of people together with an expert that is sharing


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