Best Facebook Ad Placements For Your Amazon Launches

Paul Harvey is back with a cannon full of data on some of the best Ad Placements to use when running Facebook campaigns for your Amazon business. Also, check out at the end, for a cheeky technique when spying on your competitors.

The Case Study on Facebook Ads Placement

  • I only run messenger objective ads
  • We placed a budget of $10,000 on FB per month
  • We ran messenger objective ads
  • To find out where is the best placement?
  • There is an area under the ad set level where you decide where you want the ad to be displayed.
  • I selected everything that Facebook recommends for me, we let it choose.

The Data

  • The clients are in the top 100 BSR of beauty products
  • With only about 6 to 7 products we tested
  • Facebook, Messenger or Instagram?
  • 95% of the traffic was Facebook and the remaining 5% is Instagram and Messenger combined.
  • Reason: The algorithm starts suggesting things for you, Newsfeed always wins. That is 95% of the ad.
  • In Facebook: newsfeed and marketplace
  • Marketplace got only $100 ad spend
  • Conversions
  • Click through rates: 5% CTR
  • Instagram: 2%
  • Messenger: 1.36%


  • There is an astronomical increase in the cost per click.
  • Most used device/ highest ad spend
  • iPhone: $4,400 | CTR: 4% – high traffic
  • Android: $4,037 |CTR: 4.6% – high traffic
  • Desktop:  CTR: 6% | reach is very low

The results: Winners!

  • Go for android and iPhone users plus newsfeed.
  • Wifi only
  • Only run the ads in viewers timezone.
  • Most clicks: 8pm -9pm
  • Cheapest: 10am-11am
  • Every Amazon seller should be using Facebook Ads Library, you’ll see the results.
  • Use fake facebook profile and like all your ads
  • Use half an hour per day to do this.
  • Use rebate offers but use it successfully, the landing page should be ready.
  • Use it now before the Chinese market catches up.
  • There is not Terms and Conditions for using rebates. But use it properly.
  • Rebates is trending but if used improperly for scamming.
  • Important Note
  • Go through your actual reports and you’ll see so much data there.
  • Use these as leverage and spy on competitions, find out what they are doing

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