Biohacking For Amazon Sellers – Testosterone Replacement Therapy

To kick off our series on Biohacking for Amazon Sellers we kick off with Testosterone Replacement Therapy. My first reaction to TRT was it was for meatheads in the gym to get big and focused on external aesthetics and vanity. However, low testosterone in men is a massive health hazard and leads to long term health deficits with low sex drive/libido and/or erectile dysfunction, Poor cognition/poor arithmetic/brain fog, fatigue/tiredness and loss of muscle mass/sports performance. Testosterone plays a vital role in the workings of the heart, kidneys, skin, bone health, sex organs and muscle maintenance and growth. Having optimal levels means you can operate on a similar level to someone 20 years younger.

Alastair Kennett is the Founder and Managing Director of Optimale, he suffered from low testosterone for several years before finding TRT. Both him and his brother have benefited hugely from the treatment, and they recognised that TRT was poorly provided by the NHS and other private doctors. So in 2017 they decided to start Optimale with the aim of providing convenient, safe and affordable TRT using the best protocols available in the UK.

Thomas Fallows-Baker is currently working part time at Optimale, supporting patients and helping to spread awareness of TRT. He is about to complete his degree in Medical Physiology and then will work full time at Optimale.


Optimale provides the top Testosterone replacement therapy protocols and treatments, directly to your doorstep, and can offer remote consultations and blood testing for convenience and effective monitoring.

Visit Optimale today at: www.Optimale.co.uk

Or read more at: www.Optimale.co.uk/trt/

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