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Case Study Overview

In order to demonstrate what we do, we have taken 3 different brands segmented into Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Each have their own challenges, ranging from 10 SKUs to hundreds, with revenues between 6 – 7 figures. Two of the seller accounts are US based and one covers the entirety of the EU. Category wise, they reside in Home & Kitchen, Home & Garden and Office Products. The time frame taken for this analysis is summer to Q4, in order to demonstrate the peaks and troughs of managing through low season (the worst time of year for most) and high season (where Christmas tends to be the optimal time for Amazon brands). The summer period sees an increase in window shopping without commitment, while Q4 is notorious for high cost per clicks and budget waste, unless expertly managed with an optimal strategy to maximise sales and minimise loss.

Meet the founders…

Dr. Ellis Whitehead

A Data Scientist and Algorithm expert, Ellis is the architect of all our smart technology. Ellis’ skills lie in his ability to solve complex problems and turn them into simple solutions through software engineering, mathematics and data science. He has been deeply involved in the leading Amazon consumer sourcing tool, Jungle Scout, and obtained his PhD in automation and data science.

Danny McMillan

Danny has been involved in PPC and online marketing for over a decade, with a deep knowledge and understanding of AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Bing Ads paid search. An Amazon Seller across multiple categories and markets, Danny is also a world-renowned speaker on FBA and the host of Seller Sessions, the largest Amazon podcast for advanced sellers.

What sets us apart from another Agencies?

At DATABrill we take a holistic approach to the whole business once the client steps onboard. Whilst working on the PPC, we also have regular consultations and updates with our clients on strategy and execution.

During the discovery phase, we often find quick solutions to secure, putting in place a good solid foundation for future success. For example:

  • We take all of the client’s SKUs and provide a detailed analysis of profitability and ROI.
  • We look at loss-makers in the catalogue and how the client can make better use of their expenditure.
  • We have strategies in place for stock liquidation and have successfully helped clients turn around failed launches.

Anyone that has ever been suspended knows how catastrophic and harmful this can be to an Amazon business. What it requires is a cool calm approach and a rock solid strategy, which as a Company DATABrill prides itself on.

With one particular client whose main product was suspended (accounting for 80% of his revenue), DATABrill support was able to save him thousands of dollars in suspension consultants, hundreds of thousands in lost revenue and he was back live and selling again within 72 hours.

We also introduced the client to the Quality Control team we use for our own Amazon Businesses, and our Sourcing agent to help them find a new supplier. Since then the client has gone from strength to strength, breaking through the $100,000 per month ceiling.

Want to jump straight to the Case Studies? Click on the links below…

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