Case Study 1

Sales Vs Spend

In this client case study product sales have substantially increased from $58,494.93 to $122,626.03, with spend rising from $13,492.13 to $20,306.28. The overall sales increase is calculated at a respectable and healthy 109.64%

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale)

Advertising Cost of Sales was reduced by 6.51% over the same period, down from 23.07% to 16.56% – an increase of 28.21%. Upon first signing, the account was well optimised at 27% ACoS (overall reduction from all periods at 10.44%).

Orders Per Month

Orders within the same period increased significantly from 2,304 units to 4,971 – an increase of 115.76%. This was due to a combination of current and seasonal product variations, as well as dialing in the optimisation during peak season.

Organic Vs PPC Sales

The above graph shows product sales that were sold through PPC versus Organic, with a small positive change of 12.86% reported. Client sales slightly increased from 31.38% to 35.42% within the selected period of client data analysis.

Average Spend Per PPC Sale

Here Pay Per Click Acquisition Costs were successfully reduced from $5.86 to $4.08. This corrective reduction highlights a successful decrease of 30.24% in average spend per PPC sale, over the analysed six month sales data period.

Average Revenue Per PPC Sale

The Average Revenue decreased from $25.39 to $24.67 per unit making an negative overall drop of -2.84%. This partly due to being aggressive with pricing on new products and variations in the launching cycle.

Average Clicks to PPC Conversion

The above metrics are testament to how well dialled in and optimised the PPC campaign is to buyer search. A decline from 9.0 to 6.5 clicks over this period represents a healthy decrease of 3.5 clicks, which is equivalent to 27.21%.

Average Impressions to PPC Conversion

In the above graph average impressions to PPC conversion have effectively decreased from 1,877 to 1,133, which represents a significant decline of 39.66%. As a result, this reduction has helped Click Through Rate (CTR) enormously.

Total Revenue

Client Total Revenue has grown substantially within the six month period. We see revenue increasing from $159,972.5 in month two, to a very healthy $292,721.11 in month six. A steady, positive and consistent revenue growth of 82.98%.

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