Case Study 2

Sales Vs Spend

In this client case study product sales have substantially increased from $9,175.65 to $132.272.30, with spend moving from $2,252.56 to $21,460.76. The overall increase here is calculated at an impressive sales boost of 1341.56%.

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale)

Here the Advertising Cost of Sales saw a reduction of 9% over the seven month period, down from 24.55% to 16.22%. This positive change saw an ACoS improvement of 33.91% helping to successfully reduce the client’s expenditure.

Orders Per Month

Orders increased significantly from 237 units to 2,882 – a big increase of 1116.03%. This was due to a combination of existing product SKUs, dialing in the PPC optimisation, and the launch of new product SKUs during peak season.

Organic Vs PPC Sales

Sales sold via PPC vs Organic (190.53%), with a dramatic increase from 16.17% to 46.97%. Whilst this is a great metric for PPC growth, it is important to note that we have either retained an overall profit per unit or break-even on a per unit basis.

Average Spend Per PPC Sale

In this case Pay Per Click Acquisition Costs were successfully reduced from $9.50 to $7.35. This reduction highlights a successful decrease of 30.24% in the average spend per PPC sale, putting dollars back into the client’s pocket.

Average Revenue Per PPC Sale

In this data analysis, the client’s Average Revenue saw an increase of $38.72 to $45.90 per unit being reported. This positive uplift resulted in improving revenue share by 18.55%, thereby positively contributing to overall sales.

Average Clicks to PPC Conversion

This metric is very important, as it determines 3 things: how well PPC is dialed in, how optimised the detail pages are, and relevance to consumer factor. Moving the needle from 14.9 to 7.8 click gives a fantastic decrease of 47.48%.

Average Impressions to PPC Conversion

The above graph shows that average impressions to PPC conversion has decreased from 6,053 to 2,141 – a significant decline of 64.63%. As a result, this reduction means higher relevance and streamlined targeting for optimal CTR.

Total Revenue

Client Total Revenue has grown exponentially within the data analysis period. Here we see that revenue has increased from $49,591.90 in month one, to a healthy $251,538.80 in month seven; a strong total revenue growth of 407.22%.

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