Top 5 Experts Take on the Rise of the Chat Bots on Amazon – Part 2

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Let’s continue the fun with Paul Harvey (SellerChat Bots), Steven Black (Unstoppable FBA), Dr. Yev Marusenko (Zontracker), Brandon Young and the first lady of Chat Bots Michelle Barnum Smith… For a no nonsense convo on the latest happenings in the world of Chat Bots for Amazon Sellers. Learn more and get keywords, chatbot strategies and the parable of the bad boyfriend.

All about reviews

  • Randomize how far out you ask customers for reviews, maybe 3 to 7 days out.
    • Don’t ask everyone, choose who gets to leave a review
    • If it s a rebate, send your customers a follow up message asking if you can ask for a review
    • if they say YES – then send them a review link
    • Stay underneath a certain percentage: 5% to 7%
  • Get your reviews on autopilot – it is never a bad things
    • use a QR Code
    • Create content on how to use the product
    • Include a version of a thank you video customized for the customer
    • Ask them if they have problems with the product, click below and it will be handled.
  • Plug in a step to stop negative reviews from ever happening
    • The steps above – warm your customers for a positive review
  • Product Tester Campaigns
    • We offer rebate with it under TOS and another not under TOS
    • Ask how they like the product
    • Don’t just be focused on 5 star reviews, also avoid the negative reviews
    • providing good customer service goes a long way
    • Make your offer compelling but not blatant – be engaging
  • Diversify a bit more
    • Do alternative approaches like posting ads on Facebook
    • The biggest thing Amazon is able to detect is the add to cart versus check out ratio. So if you are too far outside of the standard deviation of what is the norm (there is a specific percentage to be at then either it’s too low or too high.
    • TIP: you can hurt your competitors by making that percentage very low. Do this only if there you already have organic sales.
    • If you are converting too high then Amazon will flag that also – PLAY SAFE
    • Diversify where you are sending the traffic like the blogs, landing pages, organic searches, rotating URLs and so on
    • BUT if you’re not getting any organic at all and you are outside that add to cart/ conversion ratio — you are going to be in trouble too

Nurture Best Practices

  • What is the best strategy? Set a precedent and deliver consistently.
    • Follow the 24+1 Rule on messenger
    • Build a launch list that you can go to over and over again
    • Build a consistent relationship with your audience
    • Make sure your products are good
    • This goes back to building the brand and not just winning in Amazon
    • DON”T BE BAD BOYFRIENDS -don’t bring people to your list and expect sales from that list in three months. Build relationship first!
    • Marketing and dating are very similar.
    • If you’re not having the response you want — it’s because you are not telling people to visit the store
    • Smaller and more frequent transactions, people are more loyal to those outlets than bigger stores
    • If you have your diversification funnel – give them something from the niche that will interest them at least twice a week
  • In branded groups, a twice a month or something bigger, an incentivized campaign to keep the group moving
    • Check out Vyper.io
    • Give them incentives for sharing etc
    • Keep dating your customers!

Game Plan for ManyChat

  • Paul’s platform has many already pre-built flows.
  • Michele can automate it all for you for a price — plug and play templates are available on her website too.
  • 13 hours for ManyChat free courses! If you want to learn
  • You need people who understand Amazon business so listen to every episode HERE!
  • Check out Pixelfy too

Does IG Ads Placement Work? IG or FB

  • What has the biggest effect on the actual cost? Those that are within the creative
    • You have to have a working copy and good visual content/image
    • IG costs can be lower than FB if done right
    • Know your audience!
    • Add more variety to your testing to bring down the cost
    • Use the offer samples in EPISODE 1.
    • Avoid Frictions! Another app opening or redirecting people from where they are.
    • Build your audience on IG but re-target them through FB ads — this is proven and it works.

Process for Pulling Order ID

  • You have to control the quality of the buyer
  • Do not entertain deal seekers.
  • Place your orders in a Google sheet and have a VA or another person verify each one
  • There are things you can not automate.


  • Amazon is not the problem. The problem is one or another person is taking a photograph of your inserts and sending or reporting it over to your competition to get you suspended so they can increase your ranking
  • What is the offer on the insert? If it says something like: Give me a 5 star review and I’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift card, then you are violating the TOS.
  • Michele will be sharing a picture of the insert (to be added later 🙂

Connect with our experts!
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Steven Black on Facebook or webiste Unstoppable FBA
Brandon Young is on Seller Systems and on Amazon Private Label Course
Michelle Barnum Smith’s website Amazon Messenger Bot Club with FREE TRAININGS


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