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Christmas Day Special: Danny McMillan’s Rants & Predictions for 2019 On Amazon

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Danny reports on Christmas Day covering his Predictions from last year and how he did and also Predictions for 2019 and the coming year’s predictions for what to expect in your Amazon business

External Traffic

  • This year has been all about the Bots
  • People still use FB to send to landing pages and listings but Bots have taken over
  • Still a bit trendy with some able to work out the flows on paper but struggling to implement the technology
  • Same for 2019

Verified Reviews

  • Did predict review capping and in 2018 it would be harder to manipulate reviews
  • ASIN mis-use has also come up in 2018
  • People are still able to leave poor reviews and difficult to prove and remove
  • More suspensions for manipulations now more than ever
  • Black hat has grown a lot with services to get reviews removed, etc with pet staff inside Amazon
  • Anti-Black Hat services to protect you too – having cake and eating it under their black hats it seems

Suspension Tools

  • Predicted more tools for suspensions
  • Amazon are now piecing it together for you that explains what you need to do to resolve it
  • You have two attempts at your Plan of Action to resolve things
  • Better information from Amazon now


  • More expensive with less ads slots
  • Got it wrong on ads slots – more ads than ever now
  • Amazon will refine the algorithm to be more relevant – this is true and continuing
  • No tools for click-fraud in PPC but Amazon are providing reimbursements where evidence is given

Product Development

  • Not much 1st Hand Growth in speaking ot Sellers
  • Newer sellers focusing on me-too products with badging
  • Seeing a lot more people registering for Trademarks for product brand protection

Selling off Amazon

  • Still hunting for Amazon sellers getting real success off-Amazon
  • Not seeing a big market share this route

Blindside: Vendor Central abuse

  • Vendor Central abuse
  • Amazon is launching the One-Account with more red tape and verifications

Blindside: Search Volume data

  • Search Volume – closed 11th Dec as a data leak
  • Came from AMS not an official API but was a back door that people used
  • Black market for ASIN reports growing

Predictions for 2019 – Not Sourcing from China

  • Danny is doing all new products domestically in 2019 with a new infrastructure to achieve this


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