Amazon FBA Consultancy

Are you looking for some help with your Amazon business?

Danny consults and undertakes strategy work with 6 to 8 figure Amazon Sellers. Covering everything from ranking to PPC, troubleshooting and leveraging his deep network of contacts to help his clients get the right results.

Danny is an Amazon Seller across multiple markets, a world-renowned speaker on Amazon FBA and the host of the largest Amazon podcast in Europe (for advanced sellers). Seller Sessions is published three times a week and regularly hosts some of the most respected figures in the community.

Danny has been involved in PPC and online marketing for over a decade. He Co-Owns the Agency DATAbrill who globally manage millions in ad budgets for high turnover Amazon accounts.

Sessions are booked in 1 hr slots and a recording is provided.

I highly recommend Danny McMillan as an Amazon Seller mentor. The amount of value he gives in his sessions is incredible. Danny exceeded all my expectations and crushed any fear I had when looking for the RIGHT guidance in our Amazon business. His down to earth nature combined with his hands-on expertise have made this mentorship a successful and enjoyable experience.

Kimberly Justice

I contacted Danny when I was struggling with overspending on my PPC.  I had started and abandoned multiple “systems” from so-called experts and was looking to turn the whole thing over to a service.  Danny talked me off the ledge and suggested a short consultation.  After meeting and taking his advice my PPC spend and ACOS have dropped and I now have the PPC focus I need.

Larry B.

I reached out to Danny during a phase where I needed advice on several areas of my business. He has a wealth of knowledge across many topics and I have always been a fan of his direct, no  nonsense approach, which filters out any noise. True to form, I got a lot of value out of my session with him and came away with a fresh perspective on the challenges that I was facing.

Ladi Williams


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