Dominating with PPC, Reviews and 1 Day Product Launches

Liran talks 1 day product launches and dominating keywords across page one.

  • Three different products (can’t belong to the same parent)
  • Into the same campaign with similar bids
  • Got sponsored ad positions 1, 2 and 3
  • ACoS can get a bit ugly with this approach

A New Competitor

  • Be more aggressive
  • Try to get headline ad and top spot
  • Try to block the new competitor out
  • Higher bid prices for the keyword can put them off
  • Helps to be able to dominate if you’re not too worried about ACoS
  • Liran likes to try to take up as much real estate as possible even with top spot on organics

Mobile Tactics & Bid Plus

  • Headline ads and first sponsored and organic 1st then you’re taking up the whole screen on Mobile
  • Bid lower and hit maximum by using bid plus
  • Using bid plus then look at your placement report
  • Shows when you are at top of search and ACoS and cost per click
  • Seen ACoS is lower and cost per click is lower when in the top spot – because the algorithm is rewarding conversions with lower cost per click

Getting reviews

  • Finding it hard to get reviews
  • Trying inserts, direct mail postcards post-sales and emails
  • Big limitation in the UK
  • Be aggressive in your sales price
  • Run targeted facebook ads to your past buyers
  • Create a custom audience in Facebook with name and address
  • Download orders from Amazon and sort on product your targeting
  • Upload this to Facebook
  • Doing this you can reach 40% of those people (out of 1,000 orders)
  • Only some of those people will provide reviews
  • Run the ad 5 days at $50 per day and target people to write reviews

Launching New Products now that Amazon is capping review rates

  • Still launching new products
  • Don’t get so hung up on reviews
  • Once you have a certain amount you can compete with people who have lots more than you have
  • Don’t let it limit what you launch
  • Might limit the strategy on what you use
  • More of an issue when you’re not differentiating your product
  • If you’re differentiated then it’s a different product and can’t be compared with someone at 1,000 reviews
  • The landscape is shifting and if you focus on your products, time passes and things will normalise a little
  • Reviews will become less of a problem than they seem right now
  • Think about adding variations and optimisations

The $10m Businesses

  • Nick and Fernando – Seller Trade Craft
  • They focus on aggressive PPC and not reviews
  • They are still growing their business now
  • In 6 months Amazon will have moved things again and the questions will be on something else

1 Day Product Launches

  • Utilise the exact match with PPC strategy
  • Testing 1 Day product launches strategy instead of a 7 – 10 days launch
  • Taking all the units you would giveaway in a 7 – 10 day period and spiking the sales for one day
  • This used to work in 2014-15
  • It’s worked from data where the product has stuck in ranking
  • Will be sending traffic through Messenger to a deal club list through a 2 step URL
  • Traffic sources, email lists, facebook and messenger sending a ton of sales in a short period with aggressive PPC


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