Driving External Traffic to Amazon Part 3

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Paul Harvey joins to talk about driving external traffic to Amazon and the Social Media Promo code.

When someone clicks on that link it adds that coupon code to their Amazon account automatically, it works really, really well.

The biggest obstacle is making the jump from the Facebook code to Amazon, people may have to copy the coupon code across or the link across and people on mobile don’t always do it especially if they are not on wi-fi at the time.

With the social media promo-code it’s a smoother and frictionless process.

Social Media Promo Codes

  • I send you a normal link in the bot flow to my Amazon product and in the message i include the coupon code for you
  • You click on the link and it opens up ‘web view’ in Messenger
  • BUT this is not the same as a normal web browser, you are still in Messenger
  • BUT…people are not always logged into Amazon
  • So now you have to go and open a proper browser, go back and copy the link across to get to the product page in Amazon
  • Then go back again to copy the coupon code to enter it in the checkout gateway in Amazon
  • Not a frictionless process

Frictionless to the Checkout cart

  • The social media coupon code just checks you out straight away to the checkout cart and frictionless
  • The problem is that as a marketer you are struggling to add in keywords or storefront URLs
  • Success is achieved with velocity giveaways though

More of Velocity Play

  • Because this is more of a velocity play
  • Paul had a toy range that was REALLY cheap
  • In the botflow he would add lots of gifts to cause an emotion and connect with the custoemr
  • He would then offer a 90% discount and the social media coupon and they would click on it
  • Then he would follow up a few days later and Paul would not ask for a review but ask if they liked it
  • Then if they say yes, he would say ‘Here’s one you’ll really like’ and this is the one you WANT to sell them and offer just a 30% discount and because they have already had something off you they go for it

Get 10,000 Subscribers to your Bot

  • If you have 10,000 subscribers to your bot then you can launch anything
  • You get just a few thousand making a purchase you can launch successful
  • Just keep your customers super happy

Fatigue in your Bot List

  • People used to send their Amazon customers a PDF as part of their follow up sequence
  • Paul sends his Amazon customers to his bot flow with an affiliate link to see if they are interested in the PDF
  • If he sees they are remotely interested then he send them the PDF even before they have their product
  • Delighting his customers and getting more contact
  • Ask the customers to share the PDF with their friends – no-one has fake friends on Facebook


  • Setting up the social media promo code on Amazon and please test it out first and fix the mistakes
  • Then start the bot flow and make it super friendly
  • Next offer them a product at 90% off
  • Then if they buy, 2 days later send them a PDF on how to use the product
  • As soon as you can see the customer is engaged, tag them as ‘rock stars’ who you can turn to for feedback, followup and recommendations on Facebook