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Emotion VS Logic With Karyn Thomas

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Karyn Thomas joins the show and talks through the immense value in effective copywriting on emotion to increase conversions on your product listing. Channeling the power of Sinek’s great talk on leading with the Why in focusing on the emotional appeal of your product is a winner.

  • How to increase your conversion rate for your Amazon product listings
  • Started 4 years ago in Sales Copywriting
  • Tested with several Amazon Sellers and then created a course to optimise every part of your listing
  • Seen amazing results in their businesses
  • Speaking at events

Sell the Emotional WHY

  • Invest in the emotional side of copywriting
  • Selling the ’emotional why’ from Simon Sinek
  • Most of the time we start with the ‘what’ when we’re selling – i.e. a water bottle
  • It’s through the emotional brain that we convince people to do what we want
  • The WHY sandwich
    • Get into the customer’s head on why they want the product
    • Next focus on how the product accomplishes the why
    • Then what the product is
    • Then end with why they want to buy it


  • Digging into the listing
  • Skincare product – has a special natural ingredient for healthy skin
  • The emotional reason to buy this special skincare product is – they want to look younger and get more attention
  • It sounds like it’s egotistic but that’s why people will buy as they want to look good to their friends

Logic vs Emotion

  • Differences between a male copywriter and a female copywriter
  • Just as emotional for men as it is for women
  • Everybody is driven by a logical mind and an emotional mind
  • All the great speakers nad stories lead with emotion and then back it up with logic and facts, credible sources
  • For a male the hair loss products is a good example

Our three Key Drivers

  • Everyone is motivated by three key areas Wealth, Relationship or Health
  • But focus on the biggest area of their life
  • If you’re a single guy you might be specifically focused on maybe finding a relationship
  • This will drive your decision making
  • Where as, if you’re a married Fella maybe it’s your Health or Wealth are the key emotion targets

Emotional Trigger Words

  • Long version: Finally a clean deodorant that fights bad odours and sweat without causing irritation to your skin
  • Would look to shorten this and break it up
  • Why they want a natural deodorant: Look into the ‘harms’ in traditional deodorants and the harm they do with metals etc
  • Talk up the opposites and speak directly to the ‘why’ so when they read your sales copy they align to it


  • Do you focus on emotion first and the keywords after as they relate to the technology and search?
  • Keyword rich sales copy throughout 1-2 keywords in each bullet point
  • Like to use a good amount of keywords


  • Talk to the guarantee
  • Be more witty and different
  • Make them stop and think – Wow, a unique guarantee and show you take it seriously

Product as a gift

  • Talk to how you can use your product as a gift
  • Unique and cool gift ideas is good

Enhanced Brand Content

  • People are just not taking advantage of this for Sales COpy, Images, Lists of what’s included, the geeky logic stuff too
  • Really talking about the benefits
  • What makes your product stand apart
  • The brand story about how you came up with it and what is unique and special about the product and your brand

EBC use

  • Use as much space as you can in EBC
  • A technical product then talk to the specifications and the stuff techy people want to geek out about
  • More general then more images and more interesting benefits and not so techy if not needed lead with more emotion and benefits
  • Use the real estate and pack it in

Good Resource

  • for searching a keyword nad start looking through the popular content to see what’s ‘sticky’ and how popular the article is will drive your decision



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