Hiring a Support Team for Your Amazon Business

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In this episode, we explore the pros and cons of hiring people for your Amazon business. Omer Riaz, CEO of UrTasker.com, shares with us his insights in hiring the right people for your business and factors to consider when hiring.

A bit of a background

  • Omar Riaz is the CEO of UrTasker.com
  • They assist e-commerce companies
  • Before e-commerce Omar was working in an IT Consulting firm.
  • He felt the gap between staffing and e-commerce.
  • He originally made this for himself, then to his friends and now it has grown to a 200 people company.
  • They handle everything on Amazon: PPC, customer support
  • And other platforms.

Working with people around the world

  • There are culture differences.
  • You have to learn what their strengths and opportunities are.
  •  Some cultures are good at following tasks and base everything on an instruction level, others are good in improving on the task.
  • Some cultures are good in language and so on.

The UrTasker Scope

  •  Consulting starts with scoping the project – that is the most important part.
  • You need to know what needs to be done and do it right.
  • Identify the integration part and document tasks
  • Timeline need to be in place against the milestones.
  • This is how you build credibility.
  • UrTasker offers ad hoc and long term clients.

Major issues and how to find the right people

  • Find out what is their past history.
  • Ask how they communicate
  • Ask their past performance.
  • Get samples of their works.

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