How Chinese Sellers are Winning the Race on Amazon (pt2)

Davide returns with part two on how Chinese sellers are winning the race on Amazon.

HR in Chinese Firms means Chinese Sellers are Winning

  • A restructure email was sent out on a Tuesday 5:30pm for an internal structure change the following morning
  • So Wednesday morning they all changed desk and the restructure happened
  • Only if a company is quick in changing their strategy and workforce can they survive

Four Years Ago

  • They were following a horizontal strategy
  • A Sales manager would take care of different brands – team for country (Germany, Spain, etc)
  • More effective to have internal structure aligned to the brands and then product line
  • Inside the product team there are people with multiple languages and can focus on that product line

People Turnover

  • People go into companies, learn and then go build their own
  • A very different approach to the Western
  • Culture to learn as an Entrepreneur in China
  • Much higher than in the West
  • Very young workers and account managers work on Saturday and Sunday because they want to learn
  • They become a master on the product line and then they look to sell a sub-product on Amazon

 Obsessed with Success

  • Chinese people are obsessed with money – Noah Hirschman
  • Most researched word on Google is Sex
  • On Baidu in China it is Money
  • Just saying…maybe this has something to do with why Chinese sellers are winning
  • Don’t want to use all of their time to make someone else rich

Skilled Foreigners

  • Chinese sellers have the advantage
  • They can hire skilled Foreigners to manage marketing
  • Zac Franklin quoted this term
  • All have huge advantages but Chinese sellers are still Chinese and there are barriers
  • A lot of foreigners have been coming into China and selling in certain cities
  • Doing really well in these cities and Chinese sellers are winning
  • Living standards are raising and skilled Foreigners are coming in
  • Appealing environment for Foreigners but this is changing
  • Looking now to hire Chinese with good language skills in the country they want to sell in
  • Less space for the Skilled Foreigners these days