How To Get Around The Fake Invoice Issue with Suspensions

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Jeff Schick and Paul Rafealson drops in to cover the issues will Amazon treating your invoices as fake. Check out the show to found out how you can workaround this and get reinstated.


  • Michael Hartman worked with Seller Support for a long time on and off.
  • Brand registry gets things done much faster and easier in fixing bad actors trying to screw with their brand.
  • They have been opening tickets and create records of the solution.

“Fake” Invoices

  • Mostly arbitrage sellers, and private label sellers are affected by this.
  • Some private sellers do not have receipt for the product itself because they take separate parts then put them together so they do not have one receipt for the item from their supplier.
    • Solution: send a picture of you manufacturing the product.
  • Some sellers doctor their receipts so other sellers get affected.
    • They reject PDF because it “looks face”.
    • There are links on that PDF’s face but instead of going to a source it goes somewhere else, that is how it gets tagged as fake.
    • There are different nodes where that link goes to and then Amazon tags it as fake — doesn’t matter that it is real.
    • As long as it goes to different node links then it is tagged as forged.
  • Perfect PDF receipts also get tagged as fake.
    • Best solution: print our your PDF receipts, take a photo of your receipt.
    • Amazon finds this more legit for some reason.

Suspended Accounts: Inauthentic Claims

  • Repackaging terms/ refurbishing settings:  if this is on then Amazon can check your inventory.
  • Amazon gets back any returned items and changes the packing, removes the box and puts in there your ASIN.
    • The next customer that gets this product will think that the product is fake.
  • Solution: TURN THAT OFF in your settings!
    • This way, your team can get that product back and make it pretty again for the next customer.
    • Go to Amazon Seller Central > Go to the settings button> scroll down to Fulfillment by Amazon Settings > at the middle of the page, there is a refurbishing settings button. Make sure this is off/disabled.

Fake IP Claims

  • This is still on going– more arbitrage sellers are hit compared to private label sellers.
  • Decreased for private label, but this is increasing for arbitrage. 
  • Large brands are aggressively trying to take over the platform but that opens them up for litigation.

Protect Yourself

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    • Not every seller has $4,000 hidden away for legal issues.
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