Indexing, Relevancy And New Rules Around Browse Nodes

Anthony explains the relevancy and Browse nodes

  • Has a long running strategy with Amazon support
  • Uses the same ticket reference to continue an investigative approach to understanding Amazon

Getting more out of Support

  • Ask to be given to the proper team for starters
  • Listing is Catalogue or Captive Team members who are above
  • Do it by email too to avoid the telephone tag issue in real-time
  • Be specific and detailed on your questions and reference ToS if you can
  • Stitch together the consistency in their responses to gauge how much confidence you can have in the response

Honeymoon Started – Listing Created but not Populated

  • Great value in being a seller yourself when working to help others
  • You personally run into a problem and understand it
  • Started listing and kept it open for 4 months waiting on inventory to come in
  • Did the Launch and tried to rank – got 2-20 products a day and got to page 1
  • Tracked 31 important key phrases and woke up one morning and was not tracking for anything
  • Tested with 3 to 4 tools at once and could see not ranking for anything

Freaking out as not Ranking

  • Freaking out
  • Contacted a friend who knows how Amazon works
  • Is it possible the listing is being punished for the way it is being promoted
  • Laid out the actions separating listing from account in Amazon
  • Rank Throttle is not on the list of things that Amazon will do to you

Not seen this before

  • Spoke to a launch friend
  • Not seen someone not rank for keywords so many all of a sudden
  • Anthony thinking it’s a problem with not being in the Honeymoon period

Spoke to Amazon again

  • They said “None of your backend search terms are indexed”
  • The ranking must have been affected by this de-indexing
  • Formed new Theories about how things work

Hypothesis – when you create a listing

  • Thought there was a grace period where Amazon lets you rank for things easily
  • Four months prior, listing was created but not populated
  • Populated with full listing and text 3 months before
  • This grace period affords you indexing and relevancy
  • When you populate a listing and spiders crawl it you get a relevancy honeymoon period
  • Assumed that you ‘could’ be relevant for a term and so are ranked for that Honeymoon period

Product Advertising API – Definitions

  • Product Advertising API has definitions for everything and relevance is listed
  • Keyword density is how many times and how close together they are to form a long-tail and search term
  • Do or Don’t repeat keywords
  • Outside of the title – if you have repetition in the Description and Listing then it does increase your relevance
  • Looking at ToS it states that buyer listing views affect relevance
  • Not a bot but someone with an Amazon account
  • A buyer goes to your listing through a keyword, even if they don’t buy it increases relevance

Exact Match PPC Secret

  • People turn on PPC straight away and using exact phrase campaigns and seeing long tail keywords increase in rank with no sales
  • The clicks are increasing relevancy and therefore ranking

Relevancy Levers

  • Listing views, keyword density, purchases, add to cart all affect relevancy
  • Now understand what happens when a listing is first given keywords with indexing
  • Once you index then relevance eventually gets assigned based on this activity
  • Given benefit of the doubt for relevancy then it is performance based after that
  • Is your listing getting traffic, is it converting?
  • When it does then relevancy increases and the keywords stick and you don’t get de-indexed

Browse Nodes Overhaul

  • Amazon has been working on how they handle browse nodes
  • Started three years ago
  • Hack – get into un-relevant sub-category and get a best-seller badge in it
  • Amazon reached out and told Anthony to stop teaching this
  • No longer inject browse nodes by flat file or get Seller Support to help you change it
  • You get an ‘item type keyword’ (you only get one) with multiple browse nodes attached to it
  • These are revealed through your browse tree guide for your category – go download it
  • Every browse node has specific keywords that are relevant to it
  • You can only rank for keywords that are relevant to your browse node

Can Opener with Bottle Opener

  • i.e. A can opener with a bottle opener attachment, there is an item type keyword that is specific to manual can openers
  • It is different than the item type keyword for bottle openers
  • There is no crossover in the browse nodes that they are assigned
  • So you have one or the other
  • If your can opener has bottle opener in the title, you can index for ‘bottle opener’ and be relevant for it as it is in your title
  • But….you can’t rank for it not matter how hard you try as it is not relevant for your browse nodes

Indexing Problems

  • Run into problems with indexing
  • Backend not indexing
  • Not ranking for anything then…
  • Drop your title down to one word
  • Put a period in one bullet point (minimum requirement fields)
  • Wipe out everything else from your listing bar your images, save it
  • Wait an hour or two
  • Double check that you’re not actually indexed for anything your were indexed for before
  • Check you are indexed for the one word in your title
  • This means it worked
  • Then re-populate all of your fields and check that you’re re-indexed and reset your listing indexing

Forbidden Keywords will de-list you

  • Delete everything except your title
  • Just a bullet point with a period
  • Check if your are indexed for everything in your title
  • If it works then great
  • If not then you might have a forbidden keyword in your title
  • You have? Then the algorithm will de-list you
  • Then if your title is okay move onto your bullet points one at a time and test if you are indexed


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