Live From Lisbon – With 7-8 Figure Amazon Sellers

In this episode I speak with 4 international Amazon sellers about product development, reviews and a bit around launches and visibility. All live from Band Camp put on by Orange Klik and Dragon Flip. This  is a new conference format that originally took off in Germany, whereby the content is determined by the delegates on a voting system and then rolled out on the day and delivered. 


Joshua Asquith

Joshua has achieved an 8-figure empire from the ground up. From the age of 13, Josh became a serial entrepreneur, currently operating 4 brands in 12 markets globally and employing a team of 25.


Roy Van Loon


Started as a one man show in 2013 selling porcelain coffee cups on eBay. He made a switch to Amazon in 2015 after he experienced the potential. Nowadays he runs an all FBM Amazon business with a team of 4 and is looking to expand to the USA.


Dietmar Luer

Born in Germany and has been living in Portugal Since 2009. Dietmar is  a former athlete, coupled with working in the commercial sector. In 2011 he launched on Amazon and today is a 7 figure seller selling seeds and spices.

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