Master Carton & Pallet Optimisation For Amazon Sellers

Today on Thursdays with Sharon, Sharon welcomes back Jamie Paros from ShipSavy and the EndGame Network to talk about the not-so-sexy but super crucial subject of Logistics Optimization… Something every amazon seller should familiarize themselves with.

As an Amazon seller in 2022, with all the logistics and supply chain chaos, master carton and pallet optimization can save you a lot of time and money…But how do you know which configuration is best for your products? What is master carton and pallet optimization? We cover all this in today’s podcast as Jamie Paros introduces us to Shipsavy – a new logistics optimization tool made specifically with Amazon Sellers in mind. Shipsavy allows you to quickly and easily compare different master carton and pallet configurations so that you can find the one that is best suited for your products.

About Jamie:

From a young age, it was clear that Jamie had that entrepreneurial spirit built into his DNA. He started a transport business at age 22 and soon realized that he could not sustain such long hours swapping time for money. Too much of his time was spent away from his family.

Jamie’s hunger and motivation for change led him to discover the Amazon FBA business model. He intuitively knew that Amazon would help him leave the daily trucking grind behind. Jamie’s incredible work ethic and “Get Sh!t Done” war cry led him to become one of the real rock stars in the Amazon world, turning over $1,000,000 in sales in the USA. Now, Jamie is giving back to the Amazon community and also reinventing supply chain processes through various software ventures.

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