Prime Day (Post PPC Review)

Brian Johnson and Sean Smith talk Prime Day

  • Happy the storm is over a little bit and ROI is proven
  • Had a pretty good Prime Day across most accounts

Sean’s Setup for Prime Day

  • Tripled the campaign budgets for any that are at or below Target ACoS for that SKU
  • Increased the keyword bids by 30% for any keywords that were at or below breakeven ACoS at SKU level
  • Increased ad groups by 15-20% if they were at or below Target ACoS at the SKU level
  • Daily Budget caps at 2.5 to 3 times of normal spend

Amazon Prime Ads

  • Similar focus on keywords that have had good conversion and ACoS and increase bids
  • Tripled ad-budgets that knew had the ROI
  • Brian talks about doing the opposite of what Amazon does – double or triple spend 2-3 weeks in advance
  • Amazon created automatic campaigns for you in pause mode and all you had to do was turn them on
  • Amazon had taken a pool of products and throw them into the same automatic campaign and ad group with $500-600 daily budget with $3.5 to $18 dollars with $8-15 per bid range mostly being recommended
  • Mostly they were in the Lightning Deal ad for Prime Day table
  • Problem was the ROI would never be there – $30 dollar items and you’re paying $15 per click
  • You might sell a ton but you’re paying money to Amazon and not getting anything in your pocket
  • Amazon were even calling sellers on the phone and saying ‘we noticed you haven’t started up your campaigns’!!
  • This is like price-gouging – who is accountable for this kind of tactic?

As Agencies and Coaches we can’t be this irresponsible

  • You’ll probably get a lot more sales on Prime Day but lose money on it
  • Must be internal management in Amazon and their targets pushing this
  • To get a high ad position can be a loss and poor ROI
  • Amazon are key about their own customers but they treat Sellers like this – are Sellers not their customers?

Sean had a good Prime Day

  • It was a good Prime Day
  • The accounts that were Monsters were in a minority
  • The 1.5 to 3x were the majority
  • Prime Day is more about control and fending off poor methodologies
  • Sean had the email about the Auto-campaigns from Amazon – the email was super-general and there was no info about the auto-campaign methodology
  • Sean focussed on a solid methodology
  • They had a 24hr setup and reverted everything back after the day – it worked well
  • Overall saw an increase

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

  • Look at last year’s data and saw where the lift was
  • Amazon said start two weeks in advance and that was not supported by the sales data that Sean saw

Distracted Buyers and Drop in Conversions

  • July 17th was when Brian had forecast in his Masterminds before Prime Day
  • The seasonality and the distracted buyer – on 4th July with family
  • And those holding off but still clicking around – but won’t make the sales until Prime Day
  • Two weeks before Prime Day or Black Friday your conversion rates will be lower as people are holding off for Prime Day or Black Friday
  • This all depends on the category it is in

Do Different for Next Prime Day?

  • Waterfall campaigns
  • Automatic campaigns, one set with high bid low budget
  • A second is medium bid low budget
  • Third is low bid high budget
  • First two run out through the day and then the third one kicks in later in the afternoon
  • Like day-parting technique
  • Figured there would be a lot of sellers that tripled their bids and ran out mid -day – the 3rd tier campaigns then kicked in for clients whose products would meet this strategy
  • Netted a 3-4% ACoS with massive ad impressions – spent $100 for $4,000 sales
  • Use this tiered methodology for Black Friday
  • Sean loves the Waterfall too for Product Launches and a great Strategy – advanced as it takes a lot of time to do it through campaign manager


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