(Pt 3) Ranking on Amazon 2019 (RoundTable)

Roundtable 2019 part 3 on Ranking on Amazon looking at Rebates and the longevity of the strategy, Use of chatbots and the insane conversion rates over email plus growing and keeping your engaged audience through your chatbot.

  • Paul Harvey – Seller chat bots
  • Anthony Lee – Six Leaf
  • Michael Hartman – Innoventic
  • Chris Rawlings – Judo Launch


  • Anthony does not see rebates as a grey area – perfectly within terms
  • Giving rebates as a strategy has been around forever
  • Used to get information or stimulate sales and boost ranking on Amazon
  • Amazon could step up and say too many people are abusing it
  • If in return for a review then, yes classed as abuse
  • Anthony defends this strategy as a way to mix your marketing and provide to Amazon signals that you are serious

Rise of the Bots

  • In 2018 it was the year of the ‘bots’
  • Using bots is increasing
  • Paul setup a bot for a new Seller and he couldn’t work out how to use it, too difficult a learning curve
  • Using incentivised reviews was what everyone did before Amazon killed it
  • Many Sellers are now using PPC only for traffic, not learning how to use a new traffic tool
  • Sellers can’t produce a basic Facebook ad which is a crying shame
  • Anthony’s favourite thing is chatbots, there’s a barrier to entry in the learning needed to work it out
  • Two years ago the UI for chatbots was clunky, now it’s much better
  • Chris uses chatbots too and finds the response rate astounding compared to email
  • A good conversion rate on Amazon is 20-30% and on Shopify it’s like 5% a
  • Email open rates at 20-30% is good, Chatbots are like 80-90%
  • You really want to learn how to use this tool


  • Paul can’t remember the last time he emailed a customer as he uses his chatbots to communicate
  • His product research is now just asking his audience
  • Chatbots will not get turned into email marketing and get diluted
  • Facebook won’t let chat bots become like email and spam because they control it
  • Google doesn’t control email on gmail in the same way and spam grew
  • FB have a vested interest that it maintains messenger asa top quality messaging system
  • FB measures quality of your ads and if they are poor your cost per click goes up
  • Users can rate your chatbot now too
  • If you have poor reviews on your chatbot then they might close your chatbot
  • FB support is appalling, even worse than Amazon
  • Facebook will be the next WeChat of the World
  • FB are less forgiving than Amazon, get banned and getting back into Facebook is a nightmare
  • Fear is if you build a huge 500k subscriber list, if you then get banned and lose the chatbot that is a big loss
  • When you have a chatbot with a really engaged list you can send the traffic anywhere
  • Export regularly with UserIDs off of FB
  • And don’t be spammy
  • Don’t run poor quality chatbots or send traffic to a 2star product – play smart

Ranking on Amazon Formulas for success:


  • Identify relevant keywords you want to rank for
  • Create a mix of promotion codes
  • Create a promotion schedule that extends to 10 days
  • Stimulate regular sales at varying levels over that 10d period
  • Simultaneously run rebate schemes over this period
  • Create the rebate scheme yourself with chatbots
  • Cultivate your first few reviews
  • All of these activities in the beginning


  • Launch one product with 600 variations and zero reviews using PPC only
  • Over Q4 he launched a product with no reviews that’s doing over $1,000/day profit with just PPC
  • Choose main keyword and go after broad and phrase not exact to pickup long tail – works well
  • Adding video to the listing increased conversion rate by 3%
  • Only in the US market


  • Search and Buy
  • After first two weeks launch using auto-campaign
  • Find your best keywords for ranking on Amazon
  • After the 2 week launch start a chatbot on search and buy
  • Bet heavy on the PPC and they click on the ad and they see you
  • They click on the PPC ad and it’s an extra data point for Amazon
  • Double whammy for the search and buy and the PPC click


  • With limited time and experience
  • One thing that just works given the data we’ve seen
  • A 10 day launch sequence works best
  • Agree with Paul’s aggressive PPC campaign to drive full price organic sales for he keywords you are really targeting
  • A month of extremely aggressive PPC to kickstart it
  • Doing your initial keyword research to see which keywords refer to you so you can optimise it
  • Danny has used PPC only to launch!
  • Those that don’t do this find a lot less stickiness


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