Ranking Factors PT 3 – Danny McMillan, Casey Gauss, Ivelin Demirov, Liran Hirschkorn, Paul Harvey, Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn

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Danny and the ranking factors team are talking about the newly discovered change on Amazon. The Description field that was deprecated by Amazon and the indexing of its contents turned off, well it’s back! The indexing on the 2,000 chars description now works again.

Product Description in Indexed

  • The product description is back in vogue and a boost for ranking factors
  • Ivelin has found that the product description is being indexed and it back
  • If your product description is behind your EBC then you might get some traction
  • The 2,000 characters are now indexed again
  • Even if you have EBC you can still have a description in the backend – if it’s blank then go and add some keywords there to test if it indexes

Indexing and Keyword Stuffing

  • Indexing and ranking power are two different things
  • Just because you have it in the description does not mean you shouldn’t have it elsewhere
  • The velocity comes off the keywords as one of the key ranking factors
  • If it’s an important keyword you should have it in the title and your description too
  • If it’s in the title then it’s getting 10 points of ranking power, if it’s in your description then it’s only 5 points of ranking power


  • Two years ago they started narrowing down the content that got indexed on description
  • Now discovered that it’s completely indexing again
  • All 2,000 characters got indexed again
  • Benefit and weight of the description text giving indexing for many more keywords
  • More tests are being run on this over the coming weeks

How do rebates work?

  • Customer comes to the marketplace
  • They purchase the product
  • Take the AMazon order number
  • Go back to the rebate platform (i.e. rebatekey) and enter the order
  • Then 30 days later the payment goes back to the buyer
  • A full-purchase buy is recognised on Amazon’s marketplace
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