The first annual awards for Amazon and Private Label Sellers.

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WINNER Outstanding Contribution

Liran Hirschkorn

Liran has had his best year yet as his popularity amongst his peers has grown. Not content with running 2, seven figure brands, he is a globetrotting public speaker , course creator, podcaster and an agency owner looking after PPC for Amazon Sellers. He is the first winner of the prestigious Outstanding Contribution SellerPoll Award.

All 2019 WINNERS

Software Company Helium 10

The software space is super fierce and competitive. This year Manny Coats and co won this by a landslide, heading off the likes of the much respected JungleScout by Greg Mercer and Viral Launch run by Casey Gauss. 

Service Provider Freeeup

Nathan Hirsch is a respected member of the community and provides a friction free way of getting high quality pre trained virtual assistants. Thus, taking the pain out of the hiring and vetting process, leaving you time to run your business.

Amazon Consultant Brandon Young

Brandon started late on Amazon in relative terms, he ignored his wife’s advice until they got started in late 2015. Now, they are 7 figure sellers, on their way to doing 8 figures in 2019. Brandon also runs the Seller Systems training program.

Facebook Group Amazon FBA High Rollers

Manny Coats strikes again fighting off competition from the likes of Brandon Young’s Seller Systems, Orange Hat Marketing from Ivelin Demirov and Scott Voelker’s The Amazing Seller. FBA High Rollers has 65k members and still growing.

Event Conference Sellercon

This was a shootout between China Magic and the guys behind ASM. SellerCon is a conference that takes place in Vegas every year where all the industry meet up and hangout with sellers. In terms of conferences, they don’t get much bigger in terms of sheer size and world renowned speakers in and outside of the community.

Youtube Channel Orange Klik - Augustas Kligys

The only entry in the polls outside of the US. Augutas Kligsy hails from Lithuania and has done a tremendous job of growing the Amazon Community in the EU. Alongside Demo Monday’s on his channel, he puts on conferences in Prague, Amsterdam, Lithuania and has 8 lined up for 2020.

Podcast Serious Seller Podcast

A relatively new entry to the space hosted by former Zumba Dancer Bradley Sutton. Serious Seller is part of the Helium 10 family and is the sequel to Manny Coats AMPM Podcast which started in 2015. They sweep the board with three awards in 2019.

Amazon Training Course Seller Systems

Brandon Young’s second award of 2019. He was up against the mighty ASM that has had thousands of students through its doors since 2019. A real David vs Goliath moment, where Brandon’s community stood up and made their votes count the most.

Outstanding Contribution

  1. Liran Hirschkorn
  2. Kevin King
  3. Brandon Young
  4. Brian Johnson
  5. Steve Simonson
  6. Ezra Firestone
  7. Athena Severi
  8. Casey Gauss
  9. Greg Mercer
  10. Scott Voelker
  11. Amy Wees
  12. Ryan Daniel Moran
  13. Steven Black
  14. Ivelin Demirov
  15. James Thompson

Software Company

  1. Helium 10
  2. Viral Launch
  3. Jungle Scout
  4. Inventorylab
  5. Seller Seo
  6. Managebystats
  7. Feedbackwhiz
  8. River Cleaner
  10. Scanpower
  11. Seller Chatbot
  12. Zonguru
  13. Feedbackfive
  14. PPCscope
  15. Sellics

Service Provider

  1. Freeeup
  2. Rankbell
  3. GS1
  4. Online Merchants Guild
  5. Sixleaf
  6. CPC Strategy
  7. Ecom Attorneys
  8. Egrowth Partners
  9. Product Labs
  10. Simply Vat
  11. Thompson & Holt
  12. Goat Consulting
  13. Bobsled Marketing
  14. Canopy Management
  15. Rich Goldstein Patent Law

Amazon Consultant

  1. Brandon Young
  2. Liran Hirschkorn
  3. Kevin King
  4. Paul Harvey
  5. Brian Johnson
  6. Steven Black
  7. Michelle Barnum Smith
  8. Anthony Lee
  9. Amy Wees
  10. Joe Reichsfeld
  11. David Goldstrohm
  12. Micheal Hartman
  13. Brad Moss
  14. Dan Ashburn
  15. Charlene Anderson

Facebook Group

  1. Amazon Fba High Rollers
  2. Seller Systems
  3. Orange Hat Marketing
  4. The Amazing Seller
  5. Unstoppable Fba
  6. Amazon PPC Troubleshooting
  8. Amazing At Home
  9. Amazon FBA Competitive Edge
  10. Seller Tradecraft
  11. Amazon Fba Heroes
  12. Amazon Seller Tribe
  13. Wholesale Sourcing Experts
  14. Ra Sourcing Secrets
  15. Amazon Fba Rockstars!

Youtube Channel

  1. Orange Klik – Augustas Kligys
  2. Hellium10
  3. Jungle Scout
  4. The Amazing Seller
  6. Steven Black
  7. Full-time Fba
  8. Viral Launch
  9. Brock Johnson
  10. Seller Tradecraft
  11. Seth Kniep
  12. Samer Brax
  13. Private Label Masters
  14. Crescent Kao
  15. Cody Hawk


  1. Serious Seller Podcast
  2. The Amazing Seller
  3. Zon Con Podcast
  4. Ecom Crew
  5. The Amazon Seller Podcast
  7. Follow The Data
  8. Amazon Fba Round Table
  9. Ecommerce Momentum Podcast
  10. Silent Sales Machine Radio
  11. Amazon Fba Seller Round Table
  12. Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast
  13. The Amazon Fba Private Labeler Show
  14. Actualize Freedom
  15. The Amazon Entrepreneur

Event / Conference

  1. Sellercon
  2. China Magic
  3. The Prosper Show
  4. Billion Dollar Seller Summit
  5. Orange Hat Summit
  6. Global Sources Summit
  7. Sellers Summit
  8. European Seller Conference
  9. Amz Innovate
  10. Empowery Seattle Summit
  11. Ecomhub Summit
  12. Top Dog Summit
  13. Unconference
  14. AmaFest Uk
  15. Ecom Chicago

Amazon Training Course

  1. Seller Systems
  2. Amazing Selling Machine
  3. Freedom Ticket
  4. The Last Amazon Course
  5. Proven Amazon Course
  6. Amazing Freedom
  7. Sponsored Products Academy
  8. Amazon Ppc Ams Course
  9. Amazing At Home
  10. The Canton Fair Experience
  11. Fast Track
  12. Marketplace Superheroes
  13. Reliable Education
  14. Private Label Mba
  15. Real Sprint To Profit