Sept 18 Update :New Amazon Algorithm Changes Detected

Ivelin joins on Amazon Algorithm Changes

Rank manipulation is not recommended


  • QID is a timestamp from Unix time 1st Jan 1970 in seconds
  • Everytime you search the result URL will include a UAD – when you search the result is already generated and not realtime
  • Wait 20secs and the QID will always be the time of the search and not of the click
  • This is less effecive now
  • Amazon is checking where the traffic is coming from – is it directly from Amazon Home page natural search or it’s coming from a URL like this from the brand
  • When they see this the result is less effective as a result of algorithm changes
  • It still works but you have to give a higher volume of units away
  • Also, when you use sales or coupon codes are less effective as well
  • A two-step URL is now less effective for ranking btut it does still work
  • Is now 50-60% less effective so need to give away twice the number of units to be as effective

Add to cart URL

  • Tested two types of URL that send traffic direct to ‘add to cart’
  • Bot traffic going directly to add to cart has zero effect on clickthrough rates and ranking through algorithm changes
  • But using real people to click hte URL still had no effect on ranking for keyword in the URL but a huge impact on relevancy for that keyword
  • Listing had 40 words with relevance percentage
  • After 50 hits on that link we had 70 keywords with relevance percentage
  • And main keyword increased from zero to 70% relevancy score
  • All keywords are part of the listing title, bullet points and description in listing got more juice
  • The effect is that the listing gets recognised for more keywords linked to your main ones

Indexing – Contextual Relationships

  • Trying to index the word ‘express’
  • In title and bullets it just would not index
  • Tried increasing the relevancy by using context around the keywrod using quick, fast and similar synonyms around ‘express’ and it started to index!

Multiple Indexes

  • There were 4 – Organic, Alexa Index, Badges, PPC
  • PPC and Organics have different indexes so you can tell which are ranking PPC or Organically
  • Sales and giveaways are less effective now
  • Using normal price and using search and buy are best bet now



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