Stop Ebay Sellers Feeding Off Your Amazon Listings

Rob is with us on how to stop eBay sellers from abusing and feeding off your listing and images.

  • eBay and interesting news articles on poaching eBay sellers by Amazon
  • Does Amazon really need that extra 5% of sellers…
  • Are the Sellers they are poaching, do Amazon really need them?

Against ToS because they can

  • AirBnB used to go on Craig’s List to build up their apartments for rent and it was against their ToS
  • Amazon will do whatever they want because they can
  • eBay is accusing Amazon of unlawful and troubling poaching of merchants on the platform
  • Amazon employees have been using eBay messaging systems to lure merchants to Amazon
  • eBay issued a cease and desist letter

Tiny Slice of Pie

  • Why would Amazon want to chase a tiny slice of the pie?
  • Amazon will investigate this and research the issue
  • Sounds like not a strategic driver for Amazon, more like some rogue agents

Copy your Listing and Drop-ship your product

  • Vultures that steal your images and listing and drop-ship your product with poor quality
  • Abusing and butchering the images is more offensive to Danny than the actual selling of his product
  • Control of the distribution off of Amazon should be Danny’s decision not another sellers
  • These leaches that markup the product by 200% and sell it
  • Automatic systems out there that cross-sell items off of Amazon on eBay

Using your Images but not your product

  • Using your images but not your product then a hijacker approach is needed for a copyright claim
  • Same as if they were selling your product too
  • Reporting them on eBay is a route to stop ebay sellers
  • Report these guys to Amazon as well
  • They are youngsters that sync the products with Amazon and sell them
  • But it abuses the Amazon free shipping via Prime and so can be reported to Amazon for this
  • Unique addresses but the buyer name stays the same
  • Go after Amazon and eBay and the Seller to close them out

Letters to Close it out

  • Learned through his photo business how to close down copycats
  • Got a free plush toy for getting insurance for his car and took a photo and sold the toy on eBay
  • But his photos got copied and so he went after them to stop ebay sellers quickly and claimed payments from them for the infringement
  • Creative works that you have produced is automatically copyrighted the second you make it
  • Send in a CD to Library of Congress in America and they will register it for you
  • Start your letter with: “We are the proprietors fo all photographic rights in this Amazon listing and we retain all rights on this”
  • Then go into “it’s come to our attention that the image used in your listing is identical to our work and permission was neither sought nor granted and therefore your use constitutes infringement.”
  • Then hit them with an actual take-down request with a bill
  • Say “In terms of copyright statutes we are entitled to an injunction against your continued infringement and are entitled to losses from you”.
  • Tell them to take down the images, destroy them and any local copies
  • Send them a bill via PayPal or Stripe
  • Set a deadline of 48hrs and force it
  • Rob is not a lawyer but do know you can’t threaten lawsuits frivolously – do not make hollow legal threats
  • The US uses the First Sale Doctrine

International Sellers

  • International Sellers were a problem for Rob and like Whack a Mole to get rid of
  • These were Sellers in Israel and selling his item in UK
  • Only way he got rid of them was by putting up his own eBay listing that was better than theirs

Automated Searches to Protect your Listing

  • Setup automated searches on eBay for your keywords


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