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Scalable Amazon PPC Management

The Weekly Show for Advanced Amazon Sellers

  • We manage unlimited SKUs and keyword data using our advanced algorithms, machine learning and smart technology software.
  • We reduce costs on large accounts to drive a higher profit margin for you or your clients’ business.
  • We have the ability to bring new brands onto the Amazon marketplace, no matter how many product SKUs you have.

SellerPoll 2019

Take a look at the winners of this years SellerPoll.

The idea behind SellerPoll,  is to create a safe haven away from the scammers and slimy marketers in our industry.

You… The seller, gets to vote who you think are the most trusted resources. These include Outstanding Contribution, Software, Conference, Podcast, YouTube Channel and Amazon Courses to name a few…


FBA Consultancy

 Are you looking for some help with your Amazon business?

Danny consults and undertakes strategy work with 6 to 8 figure Amazon Sellers. Covering everything from ranking to PPC, troubleshooting and leveraging his deep network of contacts to help his clients get the right results.

Danny is an Amazon Seller across multiple markets, a world-renowned speaker on Amazon FBA and the host of the largest Amazon podcast in Europe (for advanced sellers). Seller Sessions is published three times a week and regularly hosts some of the most respected figures in the community.

Living Inside Your Task Manager

Marcin Chaszczewski shares with us how you can create a system for your business, using your task managers effectively  and having more time for the more important things in life. Background Marcin Chaszczewski has been a long time...

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Amazon DSP – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Today George Meressa joins to discuss Amazon's Demand Side Advertising Platform. We pick through the bones on the best and worst bits, how external management keeps things impartial and how you can get in under the original 35k per...

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Ranking a Dead Product

Background Hypothesis: rank both products (one that is dead and one that sold) regardless of sales history and see how both perform under the same benchmark. The Experiment Paul has private Amazon brand His experiment is on Christmas...

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Amazon PPC – Does PPC Still Affect Organic Rank?

Episode 300: Brandon Young, Ivelin Demirov, Dr Ellis Whitehead and Lazar žepinić join Danny to discuss the recent changes in PPC and it's affect on Organic Rank. We also discuss Add To Cart effects, Leveraging Brand Analytics and...

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Straight to the point

I love Danny’s podcast because him and his guests talk about what they know, instead of what they heard others say! I also host an Amazon podcast, and Seller Sessions is definitely a must listen show. Quin Amorim

Start Merc via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 08/04/19

Always new and helpful information

Keep doing what you do!

maximn1384 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 12/19/18

Love the independent input

Danny stands out for being critical yet soft spoken. He doesn’t fall in the trap of endorsing others. Well recommended.

ijua uhi via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/31/19

The best Amazon podcast, hands down

Danny’s no nonsense approach to his podcasts make it a pleasure to listen to. He gets straight into the meat of it and boy is it meaty. The level of analysis and the guests he host are among the best in the Amazon selling business. This is the first podcast I listen too each week. A must for any…

MattJp37 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 12/22/18

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DATAbrill Case Studies

In order to demonstrate what we do, we have taken 3 different brands segmented into Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Each have their own challenges, ranging from 10 SKUs to hundreds, with revenues between 6 – 7 figures. Two of the seller accounts are US based and one covers the entirety of the EU. Category wise, they reside in Home & Kitchen, Home & Garden and Office Products.

The time frame taken for this analysis is summer to Q4, in order to demonstrate the peaks and troughs of managing through low season (the worst time of year for most) and high season (where Christmas tends to be the optimal time for Amazon brands). The summer period sees an increase in window shopping without commitment, while Q4 is notorious for high cost per clicks and budget waste, unless expertly managed with an optimal strategy to maximise sales and minimise loss.