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Staying Ahead Of Big Changes In China

Kian Golzari joins us again in another session and discuss with us why staying on top of China developments is a must for successful sellers. What are the key questions to ask and factors to consider when choosing a supplier to ensure a successful partnership!

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Prime Day PPC Roundtable

How prepared are you for Prime Day? Listen as experts share their strategies and best practices for the upcoming Prime Day next week. Get free insights!

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Failure Is Not Final (On Or Off Amazon)

Micheal Hartman launched a Kickstarter campaign and discovered that 84% or so of Kickstarters are generated by men buying from the platforms. In this episode, Michael shares with us his experience, new learnings and new strategies you can use for your business and how failure is not final on or off Amazon.

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Sourcing Your Amazon Products From India

Mehgla is with us giving an insight to sourcing from India for Amazon Sellers. We cover the benefit of not sourcing from China, the similarities and differences in sourcing from India and we cover trade shows and sourcing councils that can help in exporting products.

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Working With Famous Influencers For Your Amazon Business

Emma Usher runs an agency for Influencers and celebrity marketing and runs us through the minefield that is marketing with Influencers, don’t ask ‘how much’ but open a conversation and Emma’s access to their feeds, stats like and dislikes will help you get an authentic campaign.

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Emotion VS Logic With Karyn Thomas

Karyn Thomas joins the show and talks through the immense value in effective copywriting on emotion to increase conversions on your product listing. Channeling the power of Senek’s great talk on leading with the Why in focusing on the emotional appeal of your product is a winner.

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Patents, Engineering & Marketing with Rich Goldstein

Rich Goldstein is a trilogy of skills with engineering, patent attorney and marketing providing a fully rounded view for the Amazon seller. He understands the product features and manufacturing, the power of the patent in Amazon and the marketability aspects of IP and patents for the product.

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30m Per Year On Amazon With A 60% Hit Rate

Nick Young is back with us a $30m per year target this year and a 60% hit rate on products he talks through how he uses pixelfy as a tool, the importance to his model of rebates plus the funnels that are powering his repeat buys from product specific tagged audiences

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