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Cutting-Edge Product Research in 2024 with Isabella Ritz

Cutting-Edge Product Research in 2024 with Isabella Ritz   In this episode of Seller Sessions, Adam Heist welcomes Isabella Ritz, an expert in Amazon product research and development. They delve into the crucial aspects of launching and selling products on Amazon, sharing insights on leveraging AI, optimizing product listings, and

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Prime Day Surge: Capitalizing on the Mid-Sale Rush

Prime Day Surge: Capitalising on the Mid-Sale Rush In this engaging episode, join Melissa Davis as she comes back to share valuable strategies for excelling during Prime Day and beyond. Discover the secrets to keeping your cool, smart inventory management, strategic pricing adjustments, ad optimization, and setting the stage for

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Tactics for Dominating Amazon Prime Day!

5 Tactics for Dominating Amazon Prime Day!   Melissa returns for your weekly prescription of PPC; this time, she will focus on 5 key areas for you to roll into Prime Day like a boss.   Explored Thoroughly in This Episode   Inventory Management: Ensuring You Have Enough Stock and

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AD TALKS: Advanced PPC Budget Allocation

AD TALKS: Advanced Budget Allocation Introduction In this episode of AD TALKS, Melissa dives deep into the critical topic of budget allocation for Amazon PPC. The discussion centers around how to effectively distribute a limited advertising budget to maximize return on investment while navigating the complexities of various ad types

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AD TALKS – What is Amazon’s Creator Connections?

AD TALKS: Amazon PPC Impact Welcome to the first episode of our podcast series of AD TALKS. This episode marks a special occasion as Melissa Davis makes her debut on Seller Sessions as a Co-Host. Melissa will be doing a weekly show on all things Amazon PPC. Melissa has been

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Amazon’s New AI Ranking Algorithm with Vannesa Hung

Amazon’s New AI Ranking Algorithm with Vannesa Hung Host: Adam Heist Guest: Vannesa Hung Introduction Welcome back to another episode of the Seller Sessions podcast. In this episode, host Adam Heist delves into the fascinating world of Amazon’s AI advancements with Vannesa Hung, a renowned Amazon expert. The discussion centers

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In-depth with 8 Figure Amazon Sellers Sim & Jack

In-depth with 8 Figure Amazon Sellers Sim & Jack Introduction Welcome back to Seller Sessions! In this episode, host Danny interviews Sim and Jack, two UK-based entrepreneurs who have built an impressive eight-figure business. Their journey, which began in 2017, is filled with valuable insights and lessons for anyone looking

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Part 11 – Get the Results you Deserve

Alignment, Moral Philosophy, Expertise & Results Here are some areas to consider when working with anyone, regardless of who they are or the service they provide. Alignment: Find the group you fit with. Do you actually like the people you’re dealing with? This is crucial, aside from the obvious fact

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Part 10 – Everything In-house

There are reasons you have VAs, reasons you use third-party software, and reasons you use an agency. All these reasons are valid. Imagine if you removed all your VAs and hired them locally. Think about managing hundreds of products without software for your PPC campaigns. Both you and I understand

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Part 9 – Premium Priced Products

Read this article ( and then the scientific paper direct from the horse’s mouth. Premium priced products often are perceived as higher quality by Amazon customers. They don’t mind paying a bit more if they believe the product is worth the value. This has a certain bandwidth—it’s the difference between

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Part 7 – You have a product problem, not a visibility problem

It’s one thing to be under-optimized and another to not test for customer objections. Nearly everyone skips this crucial step and then pours thousands into launches, which could have been saved by spending a few days and a few hundred dollars on critical feedback. Why? Because it’s boring, it’s not

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Part 6 – Types of sellers agencies look to avoid

I’m going to preface this… Service providers and sellers are not looking for additional unnecessary problems on top of solving the real issues in the business. As a seller, you might occasionally encounter an Amazon customer who acts like a tyrant: they are rude, obnoxious, insincere, and engage in unruly

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