In-Depth With Norm Farrar

Not only does Norm has the greatest beard in the game, he is quite possibly the nicest person in the Amazon space… Loved by all, far and wide in the community. Today, we chat with the man behind beard, as we go In-Depth on his entrepreneurial career. Stay home, stay

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Steve Simonson is back. We discuss the steps of branding from 1-10. He will run down from idea to exit and everything in between. Stay home, stay safe! A bit of a background Steve Simonson from joins on this episode. His company operations today are managed through his

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Shopify News – Takes on Amazon… Who Wins???

Shopify has launched a new app called ‘Shop’ – and with it potentially an entirely new business model! Joe and Miro drop by to break this down and George comes back to discuss some Adwords news. A bit of a background George Meressa from Clear Ads Ltd. A company that

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Failed Products (Funny Stories) Part 2

Paul Harvey, Norm Farrar and Tim Jordan returns alongside me (for part 2), as we discuss fail products in our Amazon catalogues… This should be fun, no one is safe. A bit of a background Norm Farrar has been in the e-commerce game for almost 30 years. He has been

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Mindset Sunday – Breaking Down Naval

Liran joins me once again, but this week we are going to deconstruct some of the content from the amazing mind of Naval Ravikant. He has a the Naval Podcast where he turned his tweet storms into actionable chunks, delivered in audio format. A bit of a background Naval Ravikant

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Round Up Wednesday (What’s Happening This Week On Amazon)

Liran Hirschkorn, Tim Jordan and Norm Farrar all return for another round up of what is happening this week across all Amazon marketplaces.Tune in and get all your questions answered. April 15th episode. A bit of a background Time Jordan, Norm Farrar and Liran Hirschkorn join us on this episode.

Read More » vs Seller Sessions – Diversifying off Amazon

We welcome back Steve Simonson, Kevin King and Kian Golzari to discuss all types of business models off Amazon and ideas for investments to diversify your risk. Join us in this conversation, whether you are starting your Amazon business or on the Amazon road to building bigger dreams. Canton “Online”

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Mindset Sunday – Business Vision

Etienne Ameil and Liran Hirschkorn joins me once again… This time we talk about mindset and how you apply vision to your business. Ever noticed how far you get when you set massive goals? Even when you fall short, you still have a big win. A bit of a background

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Women Of Amazon – Business, Life and Positivity

Join us in this episode with Athena Severi, Alycia Shapiro, Anne Ferris, Georgie Mayhew and Katherine Phipps. I will get the low down on what is going on in their world right now and the impact it is having on their Amazon businesses and services. A bit of a background

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Listing optimisation – “2020 vs 2019”

In this episode, we are going top down. Starting at the canonical URL, via the Title, onto the images, bullets, backend, description and of course A+ content. Steering the good ship are Liran Hirschkorn, Amy Wees and more surprises on this episode. Sharing is caring. Stay home, be safe. A

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“Amazon Loans, Payment Sources and Cross Border Trading”

8 figure Amazon Sellers Joe Jakes, Tim Jordan, Leonardo Felisberto from Sellersfunding and Nathan Fox from Payoneer join us in this conversation to discuss multiple options on getting funding, stretching your currency and optimising financial instruments in the current climate. A bit of a background Leonardo Felisberto represents Sellers Funding,

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Chat Bot Tuesday

In this second half of our in depth interview, Brian Johnson, founder of PPC Scope, shares how getting out of our comfort zone helps us grow to conquer the challenges and other big learnings.

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