6m a Year Amazon Seller Talks Building a Team

Jamie Graham has been a private label seller since 2015. Jamie and his wife run a fast-growing beauty brand and sell on Amazon UK, Europe and USA. The live in Brighton where they work out of their home office in their garden. They have a team mixed team of local and remote staff. Their current revenue is over £6m a year.


On this episode I talk to Jamie about everything he has learned building his team over the years, from first hires to make when you’re a new seller to pros and cons of local staff or remote team members. We touch on whether to hire in house or use a PPC agency instead, as well as useful positions to hire for (and when).


Key Points


  • First hires to make when have good cashflow 


  • Pros and cons of local staff and remote team members


  • Whether to hire in house best to use a PPC agency or hire in house


  • Useful positions to hire for (and not)


  • When to hire full timers and when to hire part timers


You can follow Jamie on twitter https://twitter.com/jamiemogul

If you live near Brighton (UK) you can check out Jamie’s monthly meetup for Amazon sellers here https://www.meetup.com/amz-leaders-brighton-monthly-networking-for-amazon-sellers/

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