7 Figure Amazon Seller Justin Dyson

Justin Dyson is a 7 figure amazon seller who started in phone cases and now in baby. We cover the challenges of growing a team to ensure the business can flourish and how Walmart is now like Amazon 5-10 years ago, easy to rank but clunky.

  • In Texas and in a thunder storm
  • Wife and business partner Channing started in 2014
  • Selling for 4 years and started in the cell phone cases niche
  • Moved into baby niche after 6 months
  • In the upper end of the 7 figure amazon seller spectrum
  • Good timing to move into baby – especially as having second child


  • Conversion and sessions metrics are key in baby niche especially as a 7 figure Amazon seller
  • Some products that have 30-40 conversion unit/session percentage
  • And some have higher sessions and lower conversions around 10-15%
  • Depends on the products and the Mom’s needs
  • You can see in the data where people are shopping around

Brands in Baby

  • Have just the one brand and all in Baby niche that has worked to get to a 7 figure Amazon seller
  • With 14 product lines and 65 SKUs with 3 more in June and new products in Q4
  • Plan out 6 months for new products

Changes since the Goldrush

  • When review clubs and Zonblast were the thing
  • Never did those early on
  • So not seeing a ton of changes from those
  • Building our own audience has been super important
  • If you’re not growing your own audience then you need to now
  • Having higher quality products is a big benefit in getting reviews
  • Justin doesn’t even need to ask for reviews on the higher quality products and meets the customer’s needs
  • High quality equals reviews
  • Danny has always had inspections to ensure high quality

Walmart – off-Amazon Business

  • Not so much off-Amazon marketing
  • Doing manychat to build a Facebook messenger group
  •  Only run ads in Amazon
  • Doing Walmart for the last 6 months
  • Walmart is Amazon 5-10 years ago
  • Ads are really cheap compared to Amazon
  • Pretty clunky right now but will grow and improve
  • Hoping to turn it into $1m a year business
  • Doing $15k / month on Walmart with 65 listings before the 2 days shipping
  • Free 2 day shipping tripled sales in a month and a half with 30 x SKUs in stock

Future gazing

  • Contniue scaling to $10m mark
  • Make it easier with a team building and planning approach
  • Have a business coach to grow this
  • Want the business to be able to run and flourish without Justin’s constant attention
  • Team is 2 x Employees plus Channing
  • Has a COO who is running Amazon launches, optimisation
  • Another lady who is community manager – all customer relationship (social media)
  • Then Justin focussed on Walmart
  • Channing on Product Development (being a Mom)

Seller Sessions

  • Channing and Justin are coming to London
  • Looking to learn more and advanced strategies and PPC
  • PPC cashflow is a big problem for many sellers

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