7 Figure Amazon Seller Keith Mander

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Keith Mander talks about being a 7 figure Amazon Seller from earning all about Amazon in Bali with a friend and a group in a co-working space who have all gone on to great success. We cover software and making your own can cover all your needs plus the new trend on chat bots for automation.

  • Been on Amazon for 4 years
  • Found out in Bali from a friend
  • About 10 in a co-working space started together and learned
  • Then all went and did own thing with many doing very well
  • Is now Keith’s main focus having moved from other on-line marketing and affiliate

Software Development

  • Have 6 products across 2 brands with multiple variations
  • Some experience in software development and working with engineers
  • Have 2 fulltime developers on the payroll to automate and streamline processes
  • Looking at developing software for larger sellers and SaaS offering
  • Experimenting and enjoying it

Why Develop your own software?

  • A lot of what’s done is overkill
  • Could be done more manual and with a VA or Excel
  • Keith wants things very specific to his own needs
  • Software you get what you’re given and can be frustrating
  • Also, using multiple pieces of software to meet your needs can be confusing
  • Keith’s tools are feature rich and single database so all data is there for inventory, POs, supplier stats all integrated
  • When started there was less software out there

PPC Tools

  • Presseon and Perpetua software for PPC so far okay
  • Room to automate this in software
  • Can’t rely on AI totally, need some person intervention


  • Off-Amazon marketing and scripting and code to capture
  • No off-Amazon marketing
  • All on PPC on Amazon
  • A bit lazy and leverage the activities that give the biggest output for the input (80/20 rule)
  • Only do US market currently and continuing to do so but all eggs in one basket
  • Building out existing products with existing suppliers as less risky
  • Focusing on key levers and pulling those rather than diverging
  • Cashflow was a big part of the business too – going into other markets is a big hit on turnover of cash

Product Search

  • Looking for a product
  • Predicting out the costs of a product and profit on a per unit basis
  • Just want to make £200/day/product or won’t launch it
  • Then look at cash to fill a container and when you’ll get it back
  • Don’t focus on cashflow forecasting but should do as a 7 figure Amazon seller

Seller Sessions Live

  • Part of Million Dollar Sellers (MDM) group
  • Curious to see what’s going on in the UK
  • Always learn something at events
  • Started dabbling with Messenger bots – realtime distribution of Amazon Paypal rebates


  • Took a trip to the wilderness and was totally unplugged – like a Tim Ferris direction
  • Very easy if you’re always putting out fires to see yourself as a fire fighter
  • Really helps your business and having a new perspective
  • Less involved in Fire Fighting coming back
  • Forces you to work on the business rather than in the business
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