A Chat with 7 Figure Amazon Seller Michele Venton

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Michele Venton running her business from Home with the family and now a 7 figure Amazon seller talks through her journey and how she’s gone from 1m to 5m and the path to 10m, the move from a team of VAs to recruit herself in the shape of other Mums around the world and how processes and unified communications and tools helped.

  • Had a previous retail business with 30 staff and large overheads – while just having a baby
  • Sold that business breaking even and learning so much
  • Loved running own business but did not fancy retail or dealing with so many staff all the time
  • Decided to start selling on-line
  • Dream of manufacturing and selling women’s dresses
  • Manufactured in East London and fabric from all over the world
  • Big challenge in getting traffic to own website and challenges on traffic to website

Moved into Amazon

  • Moved to Amazon and was on page 200 – why no sales?
  • Bumped into ASM course and threw herself into it
  • Saw huge opportunity in Amazon
  • Learned not to do clothing on Amazon quickly – returns, refunds, sizes, variations – as a new person
  • Stopped doing the dresses and moved into other products

ASM 2015 – Number 5

  • Did the course, visited Vegas and got fully motivated
  • Not looked back since

Children’s Market

  • Now in toys and games with a little in beauty and clothing
  • Focus is on children as a target market
  • After ASM tried loads of products – some flew, others flopped
  • Learnt what worked on Amazon and what doesn’t
  • Got fed up of selling random stuff on Amazon and wanted to build a brand
  • Trial and error it organically came to Michele
  • Two years ago launched the new brand
  • Cleared the decks and dropped profitable ASINs
  • Grown organically and successful ever since two years ago

Chatbots Success

  • Once brand was created
  • Strong view on target market, vision and core concept
  • Had a good following on Facebook – tripped over manychat over 2 years ago
  • Learnt it in a week and really quickly appreciated how fundamental it was to have own following off Amazon
  • Knew instantly this was a key thing to bring on
  • Realised after 6 months that had to outsource and met Michele Barnum-Smith and worked closely together on flows

Childrens Niche Sessions

  • Strong product keywords
  • Lots of browsing in this market
  • Conversions average 20%
  • Gets easier the more brand presence you have on browsing keywords
  • Conversion increase in more confidence and visibility in the brand

Hitting One Million mark

  • How tough was it
  • Never been focussed on the money
  • The first two years the accountants did it all and not focused on that at all
  • Just growing the brand, images, social following
  • Achieving 1st Million was no party and didn’t celebrate it
  • Biggest benchmarks are how many SKUs, ranking, conversion rates
  • Of course, been great to have security of going from 1M to 5M and now a 7 figure Amazon seller due to hit 8-figures by end of 2019

Scaling Up

  • Having access to Capital is the biggest hurdle
  • You need to have access to outside capital from some source
  • Having the processes nad procedures in place to get from 1m to 5m
  • To be able to put processes in place takes a lot of time out of your day
  • Have to become a HR manager to make it happen
  • Access to capital and building the team around you

Building the Team

  • Not using a traditional VA team
  • Using more local Mums in the team
  • When didn’t have the money used lower cost VAs to deliver
  • Believe you get what you pay for and as a 7 figure Amazon Seller I need this model
  • Having a team as close as you can – on-line conf calls is great but face to face is something else and needed at the level we’re at
  • Needed people who we can rely on to stay as a 7 figure Amazon Seller
  • Been a Mum at Home and with young kids – needed flexible hours and a job to do from Home
  • So wanted to recruit myself as I understand what’s needed and how I want to work
  • Put out an ad for Marketing Managers to cover the various market places in UK, Spain and Italy
  • Way of finding them was via a post on Facebook that gets shared by other Mums
  • So many skilled Mum’s that just want 4-5 hours a day to work and happy to compromise
  • They love the work and want it and do a great job

Meetings Structure

  • Two Managers live in south of Spain
  • Go over and travel to meet them face to face
  • Use Slack for internal
  • Use Clickup used to be on Trello
  • All work on-line on the same platform
  • Weekly meetings as a whole and daily meetings with the individuals

Goals as a 7 Figure Amazon Seller

  • Certainly selling and exit is on the radar
  • Got Q4 coming around and deposits going down next month
  • Reason would sell is the capital need growing and risk increasing the bigger you get
  • Taking it as far as you can and then selling it

Last words

  • Focus commitment and dedication with the right people around
  • Left family behind to travel to ASM with nervousness
  • Going to Seller-con in the States soon
  • Going to Linnworks to be on a panel too
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