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AD TALKS – What is Amazon’s Creator Connections?

AD TALKS: Amazon PPC Impact

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast series of AD TALKS. This episode marks a special occasion as Melissa Davis makes her debut on Seller Sessions as a Co-Host. Melissa will be doing a weekly show on all things Amazon PPC. Melissa has been immersed in the Amazon space for nearly nine years, with a specialised focus on Amazon Advertising. Her approach is distinctly data-driven yet heart-led, allowing her to uniquely blend technical expertise with creative insight. This combination has enabled her to excel in navigating the complexities of Amazon’s dynamic environment, making her a valuable asset in this field.


Episode 1: What is Amazon’s Creator Connections?


Amazon’s Creator Connections is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering collaborations between content creators and sellers on its platform. This program is crafted to help sellers boost their product awareness, increase sales, and build brand credibility by leveraging the influence and reach of content creators.


Who is Amazon’s Creator Connections for?


Then a deep dive into:


  • Getting Started with Creator Connections.
  • Challenges and Considerations
  • Sample Swiper Filtering
  • Sample Distribution Choices
  • Approach to Research and Communication
  • Content Ownership and Usage Rights
  • Guidelines for Influencers



Amazon’s Creator Connections program is a valuable tool for sellers looking to enhance their product visibility and drive sales through strategic partnerships with content creators. By understanding the program’s mechanics, managing challenges effectively, and adhering to best practices, sellers can maximise the benefits and achieve their marketing goals.

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