Amazon Launch Strategies For 2021 that Get You The Number 1 New Release Badge

Sharon Even has now joined Seller Sessions as a co-host alongside myself and Izabela Hamilton. Each and every Thursday Sharon will be getting into the weeds on all things Amazon. She will also be championing new faces in our community that you may not see as much (as you do the more high profile names). As our community evolves, it is important to keep bringing new talent through to gain different perspectives and keep things fresh and interesting. As a co-host, Sharon and her related interests will not be eligible for SellerPoll 2021, so to remain impartial.

Today, Sharon is joined by 7 figure seller Adam Runquist AKA Adam Heist to discuss some of the best strategies that he has been using to launch his products that got him the Number 1 New Release Badge on them all.

Please give her a big welcome!

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