The Amazon Passive Income Myth with Michael Hartman

Why Passive Income in Amazon is a Myth

  • There are some people who treated Amazon like passive income and got burned in the end
  • No, Amazon as passive income is a myth.
  • People who overspend and get lazy with the game lose their business
  • Some people never recovered at all.
  • Other people stepped up their game to increase their market share.
  • Passive income in Amazon doesn’t really exist.
  • When I went on vacation for three weeks, my income went down by %7.


  • Don’t put your eggs in one basket
  • Diversify and use your energy in different areas
  • Not all people are similarly motivated
  • Split money up into investments: 20% goes back to restored songs.; 10% to new investments on  a monthly basis.
  • Make your cash work and make an informed decision.
  • Danny and Michael both get up at 5AM to start their day.
  • Over-diversifying is not bad.

The Reality of Amazon Income

  • Continue working and take breaks at the beach but it doesn’t mean you can STOP working
  • What you need to do is put out more products because the cycle is waning down
  • When you’ve made profits — it doesn’t mean you can now sell your business
  • The cycle goes on a steady decline if you do not put out products
  • Sellers get more and more people to work for them a better this or better that BUT what they need is to get back in the game
  • Stop doing 4 hours a week so you can go and do other stuff
  • Start running your business again — that is the only way to turn it around.
  • IMPORTANT: Don’t wait way too long before you do this. By then it will be too ate or too hard to recover

Michael’s Tips

  • Cash flow is key in business and if you are low on capital then you don’t have a business
  • It is important to keep reinvesting the capital and not spend it
  • Put a lot of money into savings.
  • You learn this if you’ve experienced downturns in life.
  • The economy will not always be booming and everything will not always be going up so SAVE.
  • Hoard cash to prepare for hiccups.
  • It is not viable to stay out of the game because Amazon is highly competitive


  • Amazon passive income exists but it doesn’t last
  • Labor time is required and maintenance is required BUT maintenance is lower than that of a normal business
  • But beware the competition
  • You can get an 800% return on Amazon that is true but this depends on how you are managing things.
  • When anyone is promoting something or trying to sell you passive income and show you pictures on the beach DON”T BUY THAT.
  • Listen to people who are doing serious numbers and their background
  • People who are selling courses but won;t show you their brand are fakes.
  • 90% of Amazons fail on their first year.

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