Amazon PPC Roundtable: with Brian Johnson, Destaney Wishon, Dr Ellis Whitehead and Daniel Fernandez

Amazon PPC Roundtable: with Brian Johnson, Destaney Wishon, Dr Ellis Whitehead and Daniel Fernandez


Today, I am joined by the Brain, the First Lady of Amazon PPC, the Good Doctor and the Young Gun to discuss trends to look out for this year pertaining to Amazon PPC and we take a rear view look on 2022 and what progress we have seen over the last 12 months.  


Brian Johnson is a leading strategist in Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising. He has founded several successful ventures in the eCommerce world, including the Amazon PPC Troubleshooting community, PPC Scope ad management software, and Canopy Management advertising agency. He is known for his ability to achieve success as an online seller and help other brands do the same.


Destaney Wishon is the Co-Founder and CMO of BetterAMS, a company that specialises in Amazon Advertising. She has extensive experience in managing ads for well-known brands and has managed advertising initiatives for over 100 brands through BetterAMS.


Dr. Ellis Whitehead is a Data Scientist and Algorithm expert and co founder of Databrill with Danny McMillan. He was one of the architect behind the smart technology used by Jungle Scout, a groundbreaking Amazon software tool. With a PhD in automation and data science, Ellis has a proven track record in solving complex problems through software engineering, mathematics, and data science.


Daniel Fernandez is an entrepreneur and expert in cross-border commerce, copyright, and marketing. He runs an Amazon marketing agency that specialises in PPC. With a global perspective and extensive knowledge of supply-chain logistics, international trade, and product launch strategies, Daniel helps brands successfully get their products into the hands of end-users.



Seller Sessions Live is Back!


Seller Sessions Live is back 13th May, bigger and better with a new home. With Seller Sessions Live 2022 being a sold out success, we want to go bigger and focus not just on bringing in the best 7 & 8 figure sellers but making sure you get multiple opportunities to network and have fun!


This years line up thus far… More to be added


  • Danny McMillan 
  • Sharon Even 
  • Leo Sgovio 
  • Adam Heist 
  • Jana Krekic 
  • Tim Jordan 
  • Ben Leonard 
  • Ben Webber 
  • Matt Altman 


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