The Must-Attend Amazon Seller Events Around the World

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Key Events

September 7 – Orange Hat Mastermind | Check event HERE
September 12-14 – Sellerfest Lithuania | Check event HERE
October 1 – Birmingham Linn Academy | Check event HERE
October3 & 4 –  Amsterdam PPC Congress | Check event HERE
October 17 – AmaFest Manchester | Check event HERE
October 22- 23rd – Cross Border Summit and China Magic the same week!
October 27 and 29 – Global Sources | Check event HERE
October 14-20 – India Sourcing Trip | Check event HERE

September 12-14 – Lithuania

  • Augustus has visited 6 countries and has previously created successful virtual events for Amazon sellers and is now bringing international live events around the world.
  •  The event in Lithuania will have 15 international speakers.


October 1 – Linn Academy

    • Linn  Academy started with a few Prime customers in a pub with 20 members.
    • Has now grown to a big event with over 1000 sellers attending.
    • Karen Brady will be the keynote speaker for this year
    • Topics are Amazon focused.
    • Will be holding the event in the ICC.
    • 1,000 guests expected

Join this event HERE

October3 & 4 –  Amsterdam PPC Congress

      • First of its kind – Amazon focused PPC congress
      • Bringing Amazon PPC experts together!

Join this event HERE

October 17 – AmaFest Manchester

      • Inspired by the need for community and idea sharing.
      • Event is organized around the UK
      • Growing with meet ups among Amazon Sellers

Join this event HERE

October 22- 23rd – Cross Border Summit
Guangzhou China – will be nearer to the Canton fair

      • Max: 100 people
      • Amazon sellers from Asia
      • Workshops included 
      • Quality focused
      • English Only Conference in China

Join Cross Border Summit!

China Magic 6

  • Started 6 years ago!
  • 12-day sourcing trip and includes Canton Fair, Global Sourcing and training on Amazon
  • Covers the entire Amazon business
  • Intensive Amazon program
  • It’s a relationship building 18 hours a day!
  • Be prepared…..
  • Includes myself and Kian Golzari
  • Max: 100 people this year, 50 used to be our max.

Join  China Magic HERE!

October 27 and 29 – 8th Global Sources Summit

  • Started in 2016
  • Co-located with Global Commerce trade shows
  • Opportunity to meet suppliers
  • 20 speakers to look out for! All Amazon experts
  • Focus is on Amazon

Join the event HERE! Use code “SELLER” on check-out for US$100 off

1st India Sourcing Trip

  • New products and an opportunity for private labels
  • Alternative market to China
  • 30 Sellers in a 7 days, 6 nights trip
  • Trade show with 3,000 exhibitors
  • 1 day conference for India Sourcing with 10 coaches expert on India Sourcing

Join the event HERE. Email and mention “SELLER” for US$200 off

Terrifying Stories from our Event Organizers

  • Plans start out as easy and then the micro tasks keep growing! So get an event manager.
  • You don’t know who will buy. Early birds booming and them dwindling.
  • Looking up all the data from previous years and seeing the patterns.
  • Starting an event is starting from scratch.
  • Will the strategies work? If it is your first then you don’t have data.
  • People confirming and then not coming.
  • Attendees are not repeating due to churn rate.

Why attend?

  • Learn new techniques and expand your business
  • Open up new vehicles 
  • Meet people with passion for what they do and find out how to succeed
  • Build relationships and expand your network
  • Get new content.

Connect with our guests!
Meghla Bhardwaj |
Michael Michelini: |
Dan Ashburn:
Prabhat Shah (AmaFest):
Augustas Kligys: | | |
Emily-may Ralston (Linnworks) |Email:


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