Amazons Product Opportunity Explorer Tool (Real Search Vol At Last)

Due to a few technical issues, todays podcast is up later than usual but better late than never and definitely worth the wait!

On Thursdays with Sharon, Sharon will be doing a screen share and showing all the features of Amazon’s New Beta Feature – Product Opportunity Explorer Tool which also shows REAL Amazon Search Volume data which has never been shared before!

This tool is currently in Beta, If you have access to it, it will show in your seller central account under Growth > Product Opportunity Explorer, If not open a case with Amazon and ask for access – they may allow you to have access you can email them here: opportunity-explorer-request@amazon.com.

To read more about the feature you can look here: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/GNJ4YRTXWLMBY38U

Check out this episode!