Sales Vs Spend (PPC) In this final case study sales jumped substantially from €4,657, closing month six at €73,875, with advertising spend going from €905 to €7,572. The overall increase is calculated at 1341.56%, a strong boost in client product sales. ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) In the above graph the Advertising Cost of Sales saw a reduction of 9% over the six month period, from 19.43% down to 10.25%. This positive change saw the client’s ACoS improve by a healthy 47.25%, helping to reduce advertising costs. Orders Per Month Monthly client orders increased significantly from 128 units in month one to 2,028 in month six – a considerable increase of 1484.38%. As no new product SKUs were launched during this period this uplift was PPC optimisation driven. Organic Vs PPC Sales The PPC to Organic sales ratio saw a large and significant jump from 4.46% to 41.75% with a sale growth of 835.36% at the time of reporting. The client was under utilising the power of a solid PPC strategy at the point of signing them. Average Spend Per PPC Sale Here the client’s Pay Per Click Acquisition Costs saw a sizable reduction from €7.07 to €3.73. This highlights a successful decrease of 47.19% in average spend per PPC sale, saving the client valuable advertising expenditure. Average Revenue Per PPC Sale The Average Revenue increased from €36.38 to €36.43 per unit (0.12%). No new product SKUs were launched and little-to-no discounts were offered during this period. This resulted in keeping the average revenue per PPC sale consistent. Average Clicks to PPC Conversion The above graph shows that average impressions have decreased from 2,829 to 1,482 – a decline of 47.61% per PPC conversion. As a result, this reduction means an improvement on the targeting of that client’s desired customer. Average Impressions to PPC Conversion The above graph shows that average impressions to PPC conversion has decreased from 6,053 to 2,141 – a significant decline of 64.63%. As a result, this reduction means higher relevance and streamlined targeting for optimal CTR. Total Revenue Client Total Revenue has increased in this period from €128,587.64 in month one, to a respectable €174,296.54 in month six; a total revenue growth of 35.55%. This also demonstrates the seasonality of the products on this account. CASE STUDY 3