In-Depth with Paul Harvey

We go in-depth with Paul Harvey talking through his Amazon successes and failures, the move from a successful cagefighter and how that prepared him for teaching in public and private schools in South Africa nad the UK, plus his love for Gorilla Suits.

In-depth With Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee is in-depth on his background and what has got him to the success he enjoys today. We talk through humble beginnings and eating hurricane relief box food rations for lunch, no money for hot water to bathe his daughter and the seedlings of Zonblast and the achievement in formulating Slingshot.

In-Depth With Casey Gauss

Casey Gauss joins us for an in-depth session delving into what makes the man. Not your typical hustler early on, coding with socks on his hands and working at McDonalds all play second fiddle to Casey’s Mom and Dad.

In-Depth With Liran Hirschkorn

Liran is here and we’re going in-depth on his journey to Amazon and beyond covering his parents instilling in him the ability to achieve, most important daily metrics, the book that most influenced him and what his current sourcing strategy looks like.