China Reality Check Part IV For Amazon Sellers

SOPBox.co presents a DUALcast podcast for SellerSessions.com and Awesomers.com 

Danny McMillan and Steve Simonson are teaming up to share some background about what has happened in China and the global economy since the covid-19. The last chapter in our mini-series helps highlight some of the distraction tactics and other behaviours that China is engaged in at present. Perhaps more importantly we also learn how the instability of production can be something that negatively impacts amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce operators at large ability to procure enough inventory.

Supply chain disruption comes from 3 primary areas: Labor, Energy and Raw materials. Companies engaged in product production must have a consistent supply chain to manage those 3 key ingredients. The lack of any one of these 3 components means that the supply chain is failing.

Steve speculates about the future of China and it’s competitiveness. Additionally Steve shares suggestions about where to consider manufacturing in the future and how to structure your own mental framework to deal with the present day problems while planning for the future.

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