China Sourcing Update – Pandemic, Economy and Supply Chain Updates + Tips & Predictions

Today on Thursdays with Sharon, Sharon Even welcomes back Elson Zhou, Founder of BD Inspections to give us an “on the ground” update on the current Pandemic restrictions in China, Supply Chain updates, and Tips + Predictions for the coming months.

We cover:

* The current situation with daily testing all over China, Zero c0vid tolerance, restrictions, etc, and how this impact the manufacturing sector.

* Current situation with the Chinese Economy + Tips and Predictions

* Possible Issues and Risks for sellers with solutions on how to handle these issues.

And more!

Elson based in Shenzhen has been in the manufacturing scene for over 15 years and founded BD Inspections 14+ years ago. BD Inspections is a Chinese Based 3rd Party Inspection Company with over 100 inspectors around China, they offer multiple Inspection Services including Factory Audits, Sample inspections, Mid Production Inspections, Pre Shipment inspections, Shipment Loading Inspections, and more.

Note from the Host – Sharon:
It was very interesting interviewing Elson who I have known for years, A Chinese businessman based in China, and hearing his perspective on life in China – the good the bad, and the ugly, especially on how it is to own a business in China and the hardships that come with it, I highly recommend anyone who deals with China Supply chain to watch this interview!

Contact BD Inspections:
Email: info@inspection.com.cn & elson@inspection.com.cn
Whatsapp/ Wechat: +86-13423991319

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