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Alina Gordon was born and raised in Ukraine. At the age of 9, her family immigrated to Boston, where she learned what it meant to be unique and independent. Childhood wasn’t easy but it helped Alina understand who she was and what she had to offer the world early on in her life. Starting Church of Music was really a culmination of all of her life’s experiences combined into one.

She brought over 10 years of supply chain logistics, recycling, and reverse logistics along with business development skills. Her experience in working in software IP, helping Flagship IP in software patent monetisation and enforcement, helped her with the legal side of CoM.

Her extensive experience in starting and being part of startups for the past 6 years, contributed to helping her understand the process as well as the structure for building something from ground up. And of course her global MBA from Columbia University, London Business School, and Hong Kong university didn’t get in the way either.

Her classical piano training since the age of 5, helped her understand music on a deeper level and create a sound for CoM that truly resonates with people of all ages, colours, backgrounds, and religions.
Alina truly believes music is one of the biggest forces on this planet that can unite people and raise their vibration through sound and movement, which ultimately leads to healing and love!

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