Dialing Back Your Amazon PPC, Post Q4

On the top table today, we have…

Dr. Ellis Whitehead

A Data Scientist and Algorithm expert, Ellis is the architect of all DataBrill’s smart technology.

Ellis’ has a proven track record in his ability to solve complex problems and turn them into simple solutions through software engineering, mathematics and data science.

He has been deeply involved in the success of the groundbreaking, Amazon software tool, Jungle Scout.

Ellis became inspired to solve these complex problems after completing his PhD in automation and data science.

Jelena Nuhanovic

After gaining rich experience in general business analysis; she found her true passion for scaling e-commerce businesses through paid advertising channels. Jelena makes sure that every dollar invested in advertising is being spent on the right channel through the usage of the right strategy.

Sophie Down

Sophie is a senior account manager at one of the leading Amazon agencies in London, ClearAds. With over 8 years of digital marketing experience working with global brands in both B2B and B2C including some of the biggest eCommerce groups, Sophie is a business-minded marketer and strategist with proven results in paid marketing strategy across a wide variance of channels. Sophie is qualified in Amazon PPC and DSP, with experience in programmatic, Google Ads, and social media marketing.

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