Earning Media Attention For Your Amazon Brand

Today we discuss ways to capture earned media for your Amazon brand. We will cover understanding the media landscape for your industry, tools you can use,
the value exchange (how to think about earned media) and popular tactics.

Mark Johnstone is a creative director, consultant and the founder of Content hubble. He specialises in data-driven, visual and interactive content. The content Mark has been responsible for has gained over 38,000 links, 2.8 million social shares and 44 million visits. He is obsessed with breaking the creative process down into concrete, actionable steps for anyone to follow.
Britt Klontz is a digital marketer based in Seattle, WA with expertise in account management and the successful planning and execution of digital PR campaigns and content marketing initiatives through earned, paid and owned media channels. She keeps the goal of developing resourceful & engaging content in the forefront of her mind because she believes that branding isn’t just a logo or CTA, it is storytelling at its finest. Britt has been practicing the art of content marketing since 2010 and has a deep understanding of media relations. She is happiest when she is offline and exploring all of the exciting hiking trails that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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