Entrepreneurship and Non Profits

Entrepreneurship and Non Profits

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Armand King is a serial entrepreneur. He is the cofounder of the successful nonprofit ‘Paving Great Futures’. With his lead, he was able to take his nonprofit from a budget of 0 to a multi-million dollar establishment. He is a published author and keynote speaker. King’s guidance helps build the organisation’s capacity through gaining substantial relationships and fund development.

He has over 20 years of experience building startup businesses, learning from his first hand experiences on what should be done and not be done to have a successful business. Although this is him now, his past wasn’t easy.

He was born and raised in an impoverished community where he began his early years as a homeless youth, being involved in numerous toxic lifestyle activities. After losing several of his closest friends to the streets he turned his pain into passion to help others.

He has spent the last half decade speaking and training many people, companies, and institutions about awareness and prevention of gangs, drugs, and domestic human sex trafficking as well as helping to design programs that help guide youth from falling into these toxic lifestyles.

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