In Depth with Steve Simonson (Part 1)

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It will never work the first time!   Find out how Steve Simonson’s life experiences has shaped him to the success he is today. Let’s go in depth with Steve Simonson. Find out how his journey has enabled him to learn the tools of the trade.

A bit of a background

  • Steve’s parents raised 9 kids.
  • His father was in the US army and Steve was born while his dad was in college.
  • They moved around to new places.
  • His father set an example with his extraordinary work ethics.
  • The values he live by today came from his parents.
  • Steve is the eldest child.
  • Being the eldest, he changed the most number of diapers for his siblings!
  • Steven was not entrepreneurial as a child.
  • His first business was a pickle stand. And learned his valuable lesson about business losses — at an early age.
  • He moved on to bookmarks, wallets and more business ideas. He worked throughout high school, hassling.
  • His first job was as a janitor – charging $10 a month for each tenant in the building he lived in.
  • He then got a job at a Stars and Stripes magazine: 450 papers to be delivered.
  • He learned his first lesson on conflict management at 12 years old.

Learning Moments

  • Worked for a cleaning service company where he learned the art of the trade.
  • He also worked during summers.
  • He graduated in ’88 from high school.
  • He didn’t like college but he loved his computer programming class.
  • He learned that there are no shortcuts! When you do shortcuts — you leave out important things.

Helping out friends….

  • He helped a friend set up their business and get it automated.
  • He got recruited to work for his friends, and dropped out from college.
  • His first salary was $600 a month, at 18 years old.
  • His family was supportive but he has always been the independent kid.
  • His friends helped him get started on the road to where he is today.
  • Bad habits he got exposed to but didn’t pick up:
    • Spending on drinking and smoking.
  • He bought his first company at 19 years old.

First Company Bought

  • He bought a cleaning company for $10,000.
  • They pooled their money together and cross sold the carpet cleaning to the janitorial services customers.
  • He worked the front line.

Lessons Learned on Customer Service

  • One customer caused him too much stress – but he allowed it to happen. The customer account was 80% of their income.
  • Tipping point:he put his foot down and he got his customer’s respect and got asked out to lunch.
  • East coast culture means you have to run the race, West coast is more laid back.
  • Danny’s tips: If one customer issue is causing stress on the business, and people are miserable, you are miserable – then there is no point in continuing the relationship.
  • Integrity and character are the most important core values.
  • In everything you do – you put your name on it!

Connect with Steve Simonson:

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